• Taking a Holistic Approach to Chronic Pain: An Introduction

    When I speak to groups of patients, people living with chronic pain, their loved ones and people simply interested in wellness and wanting to make changes, one of the most often expressed struggles is confusion and overwhelm. Many people find the many holistic and medical options available overwhelming and I have been there too. I believe that clarity and understanding empower us and inform good choices so I’ve written this bite-sized intro to provide an approachable primer to holistic options for chronic pain and living well.

  • Top 5 Mindfulness Meditation Challenges Transformed

    What’s your relationship with your mind in this moment? How does it feel in there right….now? In that moment of noticing, checking-in and reflecting, you are having a moment of mindfulness. Isn’t that amazing? (It may feel scary, your mind might feel like a difficult place, that’s hard but that’s ok, no judgement. I’m proud of you for noticing, naming, sharing that). What do you think about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation generally? Is it for you? Or is it just for Buddhist monks and people who do picturesque yoga on Instagram?

  • Guide to Painful Periods: Claiming The Power In Your Reproductive Healing

    Listen to your womb, cervix, uterus, ovaries, belly. Do you hear them? They are places of deep power, often neglected, but with such profound lessons to teach. To contribute to your wholeness. To help you heal. So long as you are willing to connect to the parts of yourself that are hurting and listen to what they have to say. Some raw food literature suggests menstruation is the body’s way of detoxing, that if detoxed enough, menstruation will naturally cease. That amenorrhoea due to low weight is actually a sign of raw food and detox success. Our reproductive organs are powerful, dark, creative spaces. So often they are viewed negatively;…

  • In Defense of Doing Nothing

    I feel it too, the passing of time. The frustration of physical limits. Mounting achievements by your friends and loved ones, when simply getting out of bed feels like climbing a mountain to you. I know you want all those good things – love, joy, fulfilment, achievement and that’s why on any good day, in any space, reprieve or opportunity you get, you launch. It feels like you haven’t got the luxury of slow-and-steady so you run at life in any moment you can, pushing, pushing, pushing to achieve those long held goals. Doing is an addiction. (Click to Tweet!) When we are doing we feel momentum, we feel like…

  • On Usefulness: Underneath It All, We Want to Be of Worth

    What’s it worth? It’s a common question, perhaps a common-place one. We ask what a potential purchase is worth, what an object of perceived value is worth, and if we are ill then we often ask what an event is worth in terms of the time and energy we will spend there. It’s a fair question: is it good enough to justify what I am giving? Does it have a value equal to that which you gave? But when did we begin asking what humans were worth? I mean, darling just look at you… You are worth everything. EVERYTHING. (Click to Tweet!) The problem as I see it, is this:…