Vision Board(ing) School

Vision Board(ing) School ™ – Making manifesting (finally) work for you!

Manifesting picVision Boarding School is a day-long immersion experience that will help you make manifestation magic, choose your focus, divine your true soul-goals and make your year filled with marvellous miracles.

Are you feeling:

* That you are struggling to believe that you CAN really manifest?

* Wanting to manifest but struggling to make it work consistently? Once in a blue moon isn’t enough to build your dreams into reality, lady.

* That manifesting, the universe, cosmic ordering just doesn’t work for you?

* Burned-out and bored with your ineffective vision boards that just do not work *stamps foot*

* A little envious of those you see manifesting dreams into reality.

* Frustrated at your dreams not coming true, and that your old vision boards are taunting you like list of things you haven’t managed to achieve yet?

* Resentful about all the time, energy and hope you put in that was lost? Desperate to know just what you are doing wrong or aren’t doing right?

* Defeated, because you know what you have is astounding, but the people waiting for your (book, yoga program, brilliant coaching, fabulous offering) are suffering as they don’t have the amazing thing you make in their hands yet?

* That every day you are working to the bone and swimming up stream?

* Worried that if it really is as hard as this, maybe you are going against your destiny?

After Vision Board(ing) School

You will have an accurate, effective, empowered vision board and all the tools you need to manifest your future dreams into being.

You will feel in The Flow of the Universe, hand in hand with your destiny and desires, confident and trusting in the power that lives within you. No longer second guessing, letting your ideas into the world with faith and power (and pre-prepared magic that the world loves them, as it does).

May I introduce myself?

I designed Vision Board(ing) school for women who want fast manifesting results, for ladies who don’t have time to boot strap it, because your work, your time and your sweet life is too important to waste it trawling through recycled Google tips.

I am a manifesting maven so you don’t have to be…. it’s all here, along with my years of experience just waiting to rock your dreams into action.

Open for new stellar students

If you are ready to stop wishing, stop hoping and start seeing, feeling and living your dreams in action, this is for you.

Vison Board(ing) School is a day-long luxe immersion experience designed to help you finally get to grips with manifestation, through tele-circle conference, video lessons and shiny PDFs, distance energy and ritual work. We will choose your focus, divine your true soul-goals, tap into your potential for miracles and finally unleash that power for good (and good business).

When you come to Vision Board(ing) School you are enrolling in a one day workshop, with it’s own private Facebook common room, prettified pdf downloads, and videos of each lesson for you to keep and use for making dreams come true time after time. Class conference calls will be in the morning, midday and in the afternoon, with an evening ritual in your honour, and a nearly-midnight feast to celebrate your graduation.

We are going to manifest your magic and make your new year spectacular. It’s unmissable and it’s $275

Vision Board(ing) School will help you make friends with your future. If you want to stop feeling like you are always one step behind your dreams and want to add manifesting magic to your skill set,  head to enrolment above.