Tremendous Wisdom at TEDxCardiff

TEDxCardiff1It’s all because of Dyana really. Well perhaps it isn’t ALL her but shall we cite her as the instigator? She is an outlaw and an oracle after all. 

Dyana Valentine (in case you haven’t heard, and if not, why not? Do keep up dear) spoke at TEDxOjaiWomen. She was amazing and she is not sorry. Watch her in glorious action. 

So because of Dyana and her wonderfulness I really really wanted to go to TEDx. I mean really, really. No, more than that even. It’s just so exciting. The Morning Whipsters coached me into clarity; dressed up and ready.

Intentions set, magic moving, wishes coming true and today Linus and I went to TEDxCardiff through the kindness of Gareth Bickerton of UnLtd who gave the grant for us to set up Healing Boxes. He had spare tickets, wow. 

Fired, inspired, humbled and grateful. Uh huh, I think that encapsulates the emotional cascade in me right about now. 

We heard great wisdom, we met wonderful people, we are even more empowered to share and create and move through the world with mindfulness and new thought-fuel.

Thank you.

Thank you too everyone who made our Healing Boxes launch yesterday such an amazing and successful day! You know I want to write more but bed and reclaimed sleep is essential after such an action-packed event. I will leave you with the recording of our Healing Boxes Fabulous Launch Party call:


And with all our joy at these dreams come true.

Love and star-shot twilights x