5 Beautiful Things to Do, Because… You Can.

beautifulthingsI write my monthly post Beautiful Things To Do, Because…the world is filled with beautiful things and I want to share them with you. This site is my small corner of the internet and I want to fill it with good and helpful things to make your day, (however dark) a little brighter. Share your beautiful things with me on Twitter here.


1. Look at the stars. Because they are beautiful and you can. Get out of the city, raise your face to the sky when it’s free of clouds. See the moon grow and become lean again. Learn the legends behind them – who was Cassiopeia?

A: a Queen who boasted of her unrivalled beauty, but that’s just one story, you find the rest…


2. Dance in the gloaming. Move gently in the dusk – it’s an exciting time. Our animals loved night-time walks. What else can you do without the daylight? A night-time date finding shadows? 3 am window shopping in the city? A midnight feast?


3. Stretch when you wake up, enjoy the luxurious sensations of your body. Give yourself vintage slips to sleep in, fresh sheets and an open window so you can hear the dawn chrous of the birds in the morning.

P.S You yawned when you saw this picture didn’t you? It’s ok – me too.


4. Use birthday candles, balloons and sparkles  for everything. Everything is worth celebrating. Don’t save it for ‘best’, your life is worth dressing up for. New website lauch? Get brand co-ordinated balloons. Found a stunning dress? Throw a party for it! Passed your exam? Paid off the debt? Got a new client? Put birthday candles in your breakfast pancakes. Party invitation? Arrive with sparklers and cocktails that match your manicure. Celebrate in daily, sparkling, tiny ways, the joys of living.


5. Wear scent every day. Possibly not actual scent because of all the petrochemicals and other un-fun additives. But pick an organic, natural scent or blend your own from essential oils and flower essences. I love wearing rose otto and rose maroc, vanilla and coconut butter and patchouli. Search for your signature scent – sandalwood? Grapefruit and basil? Blend and believe!