Marie Claire UK Magazine Wonder Woman: Grace Quantock, Founder of Healing Boxes CIC

Marie Claire UK Magazine Wonder Woman: Grace Quantock, Founder of Healing Boxes CIC

I’m so happy to be featured in this month’s (April) Marie Claire UK Magazine in their Wonder Woman column.

It was very exciting to hear that Marie Claire had heard of my work as the founder of Healing Boxes CIC and wanted to include us in the magazine.

I urge you to pick up a copy to read the full scoop, but I can talk about the highlights and history of Healing Boxes here.

If you do pick up a copy, please consider donating it to the waiting room of you your local hospital, GP surgery, dentist, optician or health centre when you’ve read it. In this way we can spread the word of Healing Boxes and get the support to all those in need.

So what are Healing Boxes?

Healing Boxes for Marie Claire UK Magazine

Healing Boxes are gift boxes designed to comfort, uplift, and provide support to people struggling with illness or challenging times. Each box contains practical yet ethical gifts thoughtfully chosen by you or one of our skilled staff to strengthen the spirit. Show your favourite someone you care by sending them Healing Boxes.

We believe in…
The power of reaching out
Giving gifts that are heart-warming and genuinely useful
Actively supporting people during difficult times
Spreading joy
Ethically produced goods
Thoughtfulness as a healing tool
Supporting our community

Drawing upon our personal experiences, health challenges, life crises and healing journeys, our staff and board have brought together a uniquely tailored collection of gift items sure to please the most discerning Healing Boxes recipient.

Available in pre-selected combinations, or as one-of-a-kind creations, all of our boxes can be purchased through our online shop, and are professionally packed and shipped with compassion and care.

Palm stones for Marie Claire UK Magazine

My inspiration is…

The 10 million people in the UK, 100 million people in the US and many more globally dealing with pain and illness.

I believe there is comfort and support available for those who are suffering and I want to make it accessible.

My highlight…

I know people might expect me to say winning the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, speaking at TEDx, being a Times of London entrepreneurial success story, but although I’m proud of all of those, I’m most proud of each time we get a letter from someone who has been supported by a Healing Box. I’m most proud of testimonials like these:

Flora Bowley for Marie Claire UK Magazine“Receiving a Healing Box from a total stranger completely lightened up my (not-so-light) day. It’s amazing how such a simple heartfelt gift made me feel so loved and seen, especially in the wake of my mother’s passing. Really love the intention behind these little boxes of love.” – Flora Bowley, internationally celebrated painter, workshop facilitator, top-selling author, visionary and inspirationalist.


Chase Nadine for Marie Claire UK Magazine“I loved my Healing Box! It brightened my day to have a self-care package delivered straight to my door, and the delight of it all lasted days… Sipping my tea… carrying my palm stone with me everywhere. The notecards are beautiful. I can’t wait to treat myself again!” – Chase Nadine


Jenni Prokopy for Marie Claire UK Magazine“Healing Boxes are a fun way to share support and love with someone in need. They are quirky and useful and a delight to receive, and the company’s customer service is top notch.” – Jenni Prokopy, founder & editrix of


Esmé Wang for Marie Claire UK Magazine“Thank you to Grace and Linus and the Healing Boxes team for the beautiful box of treats, which will bolster me (and already has). Thank you so much for your support.” – Esme Wang, Novelist and Essayist


My dream and goal is…

To get Healing Boxes to everyone who needs them by being stocked in hospitals and gift shops. If you work in a hospital or would like to recommend us, we can be contacted here for details of our hospital stockist program and wholesale rates.

Thank you for being part of making coping with illness easier for so many and for helping this girl’s dream come true.