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Embracing Ourselves, One Pen Stroke At a Time

Words can witness, contain and heal, name and validate our wounds and our strengths. It’s easier to create a life and explore our new selves in a safe space and truly, therapy is only 1-2 hours a week. A journal is always available, there are no office hours. Journalling can compliment your therapeutic or healing journey.

Many of us are always feeling out of place in our lives, constantly dislocated, never feeling real or really here. It’s like you are always viewing yourself through the eyes of others; partner, children, friends, neighbours, parents, colleagues. Life is lived as though seeing yourself in a photograph, flattened, frozen and held at arm’s length. The pain of not living as yourself, the regret and fear boils up somedays and it terrifies. Without work, small children or whatever doing fills your life, you can’t push all the painfulness away anymore.

Sometimes, you’ll find that you reach the centre of your life and realise that for all your striving, you can’t find yourself in it. Then, a journal, a blank page, is beginning a committing to discovering and befriending yourself. Hidden or forgotten, left behind or in plain sight. Finding our voices, with practice and tending the self we see reflected on the page before us. We embrace ourselves, one pen stroke at a time.

If you’d like to explore yourself on the page, please join me and let’s begin (or continue) the journalling journey together.

You can join me:

You can join me at a journalling workshop or at our monthly pop-up Journal Cafe.

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You can also join me for meditations and exclusive journalling prompts on Patreon.

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