Red cloud, Sacred Stories, Calan Gaef and Shadow Diving

Sacred Stories: Galan Gaeaf & Shadow Diving

Sacred Stories Series: seasonal psycho-spiritual checkpoints to share our history & remind us to pause.

Galan Gaeaf – the first day of winter – is my favourite festival. Just as menstruation is now my favourite part of my menstrual cycle. 

(Yes, I talk about my favourite part of my menstrual cycle, it influences my body, my symptoms, my mood and my experience on this earth. If you’d like to know more about yours, check out Lisa Lister’s book – after all “my period is my life coach”.

There is something about the turning into the dark, going deeper, releasing and turning inwards that suits a part of my nature. 

Perhaps that’s why I am comfortable accompanying people on their own deep journeys. 

This is the time of release, of turning towards winter. Turning deeper into ourselves. What will the hag of winter, the ancient cailleach, an archetype that speak to so many of us – derided, feared, scored and denied – what are her words to you at this turning of the year? What do you need to carry into the winter to see you through? 

How are you managing the growing dark as we move towards winter? Here’s an idea: dealing via diving Click to Tweet.

Is this a time for you to honour your ancestors and your beloved dead, at this time of year when they can feel most close to us?

This can be a powerful time to reflect over the past year, consider your humanity and what you truly want to do with your time here. This season is ripe for transformation, turning inwards, release, shifting as we in the northern hemisphere turn towards the dark time of the year.

There are many legends about this time of year and I encourage you to explore those that resonate with you:

Demeter and Persephone

The descent of the Cailleach

Galan Gaeaf

Samhain in celtic traditions

 Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, and Samhain 

How do you honour this time? Let me know in the comments. 

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