Trailblazer Interview: Elizabeth Cooper & Queer Body Love

Image of Elizabeth Cooper with arms above her head showing underarm hair. Wearing a navy tunic and silver link necklace. Text: Trailblazer Interview: Elizabeth Cooper & Queer Body Love

Elizabeth Cooper is the founder of Queer Body Love, a coach, artist, guide and queer performance artist. She holds a vision with us of feeling alive and free in our bodies. She has a BA in anthropology, gender and sexuality studies and performance from Princeton, and has studied coaching, yoga training at Kripalu and has explored her own personal journey with healing too.

In this interview, we talk about: 

  • What we mean when we are talking about queerness
  • Elizabeth’s journey with her queerness
  • Intersections of disability and queerness
  • Body love for those of us with marginalised identities
  • Body shame and systems of oppression
  • What we can do today to incorporate a queer body love practice into our lives

Links:, Queer Body Love speaker series, Queer Body Love Facebook group



Transcript: Queer Body Love Trailblazer Interview

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Read Elizabeth’s blog on our interview here.

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