Jules Garden

Beautiful Things to do, because…

Jules Garden

* Help heal a heart this Valentines

* Try a new recipe

* Trust

* Find your care match

* Embrace spring

* Party to celebrate life today

* Play with dogs

* Make sweet cinnamon sea salt shakes (recipe coming soon, for now, pop things in the blender and hope. Adjust to taste)

* Paint

* Get mindful and learn how to heal (highly recommended).

* Be inspired to create beautiful table displays

* Go to your local library

* Make inspiration decks of cards with Jessica

* Baking

* Lie on your back and watch full spectrum of sky

* Find things in clouds

* Fancy up popcorn (I am trying out adding herbs and flavored oils as inspired by Kris Carr, it’s a revelation, pop corn here we come)

* Wear boots

* Try curls (a wig or your own hair if you have it) why not?