images gq_beautiful

Beautiful Things to do, because…

images gq_beautiful

* Be kinder in what you dream for yourself, let there be space, peace, organic expansion. Give the Divine (or whatever higher power you recognise) a chance to support you – they can’t if you do it all first, you know!

* Try out gentleness, find you like it.

Liberate your voice.

* Eat something from your childhood and smile.
* Figure out your favourite healing scent (try smelling all the essential oils at a health food store, if you can tolerate that).
* Take a photo from a new angle.
* Send someone a hug. 
* Create your Desire Map, or just join the Facebook group for now and soak up inspiration.
* Turn Trail Blazer with me.
* Wear a hat. Because I said so, that’s why, and because it changes the mood.
* Stretch. On fresh sheets, luxuriously. 
* Caption your photo-memes so they are accessible to people with screen readers.
[Image above: 4 photo memes, first, image of sun shining through bare winter trees, above is blue sky. Text says “You have an adventure inside you, let’s blaze trails together.”. Second, turquoise card-like background with yellow and black writing saying “don’t wait to celebrate, you have more going for you right now than you think. You are a miracle in movement just by being here.”. Third, image in grey tones of an art gallery next to an alleyway with steps coming down towards the front of the picture. In the window of the art gallery is a drum painted with a tree. Text: “Be lovely to yourself, today.”. Fourth, a pink background with white text saying “I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but it won’t always be like this.”.]