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    A Restful Prayer for Your Week

    Whatever your challenges… When we have gone beyond the limit of what we can absorb, use, and digest everything else creates suffering. You don’t need more classes, you need to know when to stop. You don’t need another ebook, you need time to practice what you already know. You don’t need to be sold more, you need to allow more, More space. More listening. You are exhausted and striving and it’s still not working. Let these words speak to your soul; what are you running towards?

  • ~ Together On The Barricades ~

    When I was 15, I picked up a leaflet. It had no title, no name, no contact details. Nothing to indicate who’d written it, or why. I found it in a “radical library tent” at a demonstration. It was printed smudgily, on cheap, yellow paper. It changed my world. I’ve kept it ever since, come back to it, learned from it. The words hit me hard back then and I’ve dragged it around multiple house moves and journeys. It is that good. I took it into one of my classes and the teacher handed it out to the students. I work with the idea – the hope – that one…

  • Flower Buds


    “And the day came when the risk it took to remain in a tight bud became greater than the risk it took to blossom” ~Anais Nin Oh, that day took its sweet time coming.  The way the dawn comes, stealthily through the mist, highlighting the mountain peaks then sneaking down into valleys and frosty places. Westward, look! The land is bright!   My blossoming didn’t happen like that. It didn’t creep. It didn’t unfurl into soft shell petals and loveliness. I was dragged. Through every stubborn resistance my own conscious put up. Each barrier pitted against the drive within me and the Divine without: those needing my work called out…

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    Working When Ill: How to Get Things Done

    You know how you feel when you have a cold? Your head is muggy. Your breathing, labored. Aches and pains, unrelenting. Focus? Next to impossible. How can you express yourself coherently or dig deep into your creative soul to get things done – to work – when this is your reality? For many of us with chronic illness, this is our reality, daily. Somehow, though, the comparison – the congruence of symptoms and their impact on the ability to work – is not commonly recognized as legitimate. The UK government is currently running its “scroungers and strivers” campaign. This operation defines anyone that receives even a partial government benefit or…

  • Illness & Emotional Struggles: A Trail Blazing Trove of Best Posts To Guide You

    If you are living with illness and don’t know where to go or what to do, I am here for you. With all my love and all my experience on my sleeve for you to draw on whenever it may help. I’ve curated my best (and best-loved) posts on emotional support and essential heart-info for you here. So, take a scroll on through, find what fits and dive in! Tools You Need In Your Kit On Your Healing Journey We’re in this together! Healing is on the horizon chaps. Step one in the journey: getting prepared. Head ‘em up and move on out – let’s get the job done! Solutions and Support For Emotional Struggles With…