Illness & Emotional Struggles: A Trail Blazing Trove of Best Posts To Guide You

rays of sunlight, a tree, grass in background If you are living with illness and don’t know where to go or what to do, I am here for you. With all my love and all my experience on my sleeve for you to draw on whenever it may help.

I’ve curated my best (and best-loved) posts on emotional support and essential heart-info for you here. So, take a scroll on through, find what fits and dive in!

Tools You Need In Your Kit On Your Healing Journey

We’re in this together! Healing is on the horizon chaps. Step one in the journey: getting prepared. Head ‘em up and move on out – let’s get the job done!

Solutions and Support For Emotional Struggles With Chronic Illness

Is your heart hurting? Look no further. We have the solutions and love you’ve been looking for.

How To Navigate The Emotional Tangles Of Serious Illness

Insides feeling like a snarled and tangled ball of string? Emotions flying in all directions (tears over manicure and raging at dinner)? Read on, Love. Read on…

The “Why me?” Blues

We all get them. Here’s how to handle them.

Beautiful Things To Do, Because… You Are Having A Bad Day

When you’re having a bad day it’s emotional first aid you need, and fast. Luckily, we have a list right here.

Beautiful Things To Do, Because… You Are In Pain

Pain, you know.. hurts. Sometimes it’s nagging and sometimes it’s dig-in-your-fingernails-and-hold-on-horrible. Here are some beautiful things you can do to help get you through those times….

Beautiful Things To Do, Because… You Are At Home

House bound? Bed bound? Bored? I’ve been there. And made a list of things for you to do if you are struggling and stuck inside too. 

Dating Whilst Living With Chronic Illness

It has its own challenges, and we address them here.

Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship When Chronically Ill (Part 1)

We are not statistics. Chronic illness doesn’t mean relationships can’t work –but it can certainly add some wrinkles and kinks. We’ve got solutions to iron those out.

 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship When Chronically Ill (Part 2)

Because there were just too many great tips to squeeze into one post, we made another. Even more juicy tricks to make your relationship stronger.

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