Making Lifestyle Shifts Stick: Top Tips for Success

Wooden bridge leading into sunset.
As a community, wellness warriors are very aspirational.

We want to be the best that we can be. We strive to make positive lifestyle choices. Choices to support our healthiest, brightest futures. Choices that, in order reach their fullest, wondrous impact on our lives, must be sustainable.

How can we fuse our wellness and self-care practices into our daily habits?

Change our minds > our actions > our bodies > our cells > our destinies.

That’s right. Change your destiny.

And it all starts with your mind.

When we shift our thinking, our actions will follow. When your mind believes, it allows your body that same possibility. When we put our focus on wellness and the potential for a new outcome, we are working to manifest it into our lives.

What to do when your momentum is waning? When that mindset of possibility is losing steam?

These techniques – three marvellous M’s! – will keep you on track.


Visualise yourself taking positive actions, being well. See yourself eating and enjoying every morsel of food. Really look.

When my husband takes his supplements he consciously visualises them working in his body, the E.F.As oiling his joints and contributing to his wellness. This is a concrete, actionable way his mind helps his supplements working with, and for, his body. You can apply the same principals. Watch yourself enjoying life, visualise happiness during your meditative time. (Check out the fascinating work of Dr David Hamilton for more info.)


Set your intentions, create your goals and the power of the Universe will set its magic in motion to steer you – and everything else – in the right direction.

To begin, decide what your goals are, then break them down into smaller steps. Set your intention for your goal and the steps to achieve it in the present tense, as though it has already come to be: “I am (well, happy, healthy, weigh “x”, can run “y” metres a day). I love (eating well, drinking smoothies, eating green salad daily). I am grateful for (being my most fulfilled, healthy self)”.

Make up a vision board. Put up pictures of what you want and images to inspire you towards your goal. Give it time and love. Put the effort in and the Universe will respond one hundred fold.


Come up with some mantras or affirmations that are suitable for you and your circumstances. Write them down. For in your wallet, next to your bed, above the bathroom mirror – wherever you like. Change them according to your needs each day.

Dare to let your creative spirit out, loosen the bindings on your mind and dive in with red sparkle pens and index cards. Hooray for play time! And hooray for the powerful effect it has on our ability to stick to our goals and honour our bodies.

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