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What’s the One Magic Ingredient Your Manifestation is Missing?

Manifesting picAre you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

A long long time ago, in a land not so far from here there was a lovely person, very like you actually, now I think about it, who had pains, struggles, lack and hurts.

They tried and they did everything they were supposed to. Read the guides? Followed the stars? Gone to zumba? Snacked on the goji berries? Made a vision board corner? Written out a lovely exercise plan now languishing under the stairs? Dreamed of travelling to Paris? Begun to blog and languishing for a way out of the rut?

Ah, the frustration!

Why isn’t manifesting easier? Can’t it be that you just stick pretty pictures on a sticker board and wait for the riches to roll up to your door? Pretty please? Sorry angels, but it doesn’t quite work out like that.

Give me the magic ingredient…

Energy matters in manifestation and in life.
Your intention matters. 

This is one of the secrets why “the secret” doesn’t work for everyone. We are not arguing for striving but for clear goals, desires and plans.

Yes, we want to get out of the way and let the universe do it’s work but just as the seed can’t grow if you fuss and hover over it all the time, trying to see if it is growing yet and blocking out the sun. It also can’t grow if you don’t plant it.

If we begin with an elevated intention we get the Universe as our partner and we add super powers to our trajectory.

What is behind our plans? What is the inner intention? If we begin with the idea of wanting to get our lives into shape because we are fat, tired and a waste of space then guess what? Things are not going to work.

Begin from a place of self love.

You have looked at your life last week, take inventory and gained some great awareness. Now it is time for the acceptance. It is a brave and powerful act to look at your life as it actually is, not as it someday might be or through a misty veil of “after I go on a diet life will…” but right now and truly feel love.

This is the practice of ahimsa, of non violence against ourselves and accepting what is. Accepting again and again. It can seem paradoxical to begin a course of change with acceptance of what is but until we really acknowledge what is here now it is impossible to change. Lack of understanding will have you repeating old patterns.

So make a practice this week to love yourself, to be proud of where you are and the change you plan to embark on. Be grateful for all you have and all you are doing right now.

Have an appreciation celebration and make a list of three things each day you are grateful for in your life right now.

How to set intentions

How to set your intentions. Work out what it is you want in life – not 1000 more newsletter subscribers or better hair but happiness, adventure, fulfilment, peace and connection. Then list what actual things you would like (like 1000 more newsletter subscribers and smoother hair) and work out what you have that you think will bring you the emotions you want.

What does your ideal day look like? Plan it out.

Now plan out the steps towards one of these.

The amount of money you need to save to travel, order the travel brochures, email friends who have travelled their, sign up to a travel blog, budget a portion each month to save to get there.

Begin to think about what year you will go in. Plan 5 small tasks a week you can do towards your goal. Begin today, now. What are you waiting for? This is your permission slip – go, the Universe is waiting for you!

Realise that the intentions behind it are what is fuelling your dreams. What feeling do you get in your body when you think about it? Delight, fear, resistance or nervousness. Consider that what was your dream may not be your dream now. Leave some space for that to come up. Better to listen now and change than to get there (wherever ‘there’ dreams come true is for you) and realise that you do not want it after all.

How to work these into our daily lives

Write out what you desire in the present tense.

E.g you want to be a runner would become “I’m so happy and grateful to be running daily and I love the energy and wellness it gives me.”

Make affirmation cards out of them, imagine you are that happy now, feel it in your cells and send this into the card. Keep a card in your wallet, your bag, by your mirror, your bed, your computer everywhere. Create a symbol which means this for you and surround yourself with it. Each time you see it invoke the feeling and pray thanks that your dreams have come true. They are true already, we are just waiting for time to catch up with them.

You have your instructions, so get to it babies and I will see you later on this week to share with you what is short circuiting your miracles and how to solve it.