3 Swift Ways to Support Habit Changing & Transformation Part 1

Hand holding stone memento - 3 Swift Ways to Support Habit Changing & Transformation Part 1

You know the feeling when you are making a change in your life but are afraid it won’t stick? It’s tough isn’t it?

We can have all the good intentions in the world but when ideals meet reality our good intentions can get lost under the pressures of day to day life.

I’ve been there and I’ve got some habit changing techniques (all marvellously beginning with M) that will keep you on track when you’re shifting your habits and your world:


Embrace synchronicity. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction, miracles or something similar, stating our goals has been linked to massively increased success.

When you write down your goal, you have to think about it deeply, hone it, work it into a sentence rather than a vague feeling or idea.

Once you’ve inscribed it, it’s not only a hope any more, it’s a prayer petition. The work you’ve done on being intentional in your desires is powerful inner work. When you display your goal, that’s a ritual, my dear.

Firstly decide what your goals are, then break them down into smaller steps.

Set your intention for the whole goal and the steps in the present tense.

“I am [well, happy, healthy, compassionate, gentle], and I love [eating well, drinking smoothies, resting daily] now and I am grateful for this”.

Make up a vision board. Put up pictures of what you want and images to inspire you towards your habit changing goal. Put time and love into it. You put the effort in and the Universe will respond 100 fold.

See yourself eating, and enjoying the food you’re eating. When I take my supplements I visualise them working in my body – the hemp oil nourishing my skin and even oiling my joints – funny little thoughts, but it makes me so much more intentional about taking them, which makes them so much more likely to work. My supplements do no good sitting in the jar!

My favourite way to set goals for my life and business? It’s Leonie’s amazing workbooks, get your copy here because the best time to set your goal is not the new year, it’s now – in this very moment!

Case Study: Right now I’m in MARK’D MASTERY with Erika Lyremark. My intentionality is incredible and the actions resulting are changing my world – synchronicity and magic is flowing – but it’s so much about honing my clarity and focusing it into action.


So you’ve defined your dream, now what?

You can come up with some mantras or affirmations that are suitable for you and your circumstances.

What is a mantra and why would you use one?

[Tweet “”I believe that we can make our every breath a prayer.””]

Do you ever get the feeling that your head is spinning and you are stuck in some old story about how your goal is never going to work etc? At this point I break the cycle and re-focus my thoughts with a mantra, chanting or singing. What phrases make you feel strong and confident? What quotes inspire you? What songs help you to feel awesome? Collect them and use them.

Write them on a card in your wallet or next to your bed or above the bathroom mirror, or all of the above! Choose them according to what you need each day.

Write your goal down and display it where you like: your altar, your headboard, the dashboard of your car, inside your phone case, on your laptop, in your journal, on the front door so you see it every time you leave the house… Dare to let your creative spirit out, loosen the bindings on your mind and dive in with red sparkle pens and colourful index cards.

Hooray for play time and hooray for the powerful effect it has on our ability to stick to our habit changing goals and honour our bodies!


So how do you remember your habit changing goal when you are out and about or distracted in work, or else handling things in school or hospital or with your loved ones?

My favourite solution is to use a memento or a remembrancer. It’s such a powerful tool.

I use a necklace or bracelet or another physical object to remind me to stick to my intention.

First, pick your object, and then pray or meditate and empower the object to symbolise what you need.

To empower it, just hold it in your hands and tell yourself what you are going to associate it with, and to you it will now symbolise and remind you of _______. Amazing right?

Imagine power and light from you, the Divine, the Universe and the earth, sky, air and sea pouring into it. Say thank you and go about your day with joy.

For example when you see the bracelet on your wrist you might remember to drink some water. Or you might have a special rock that reminds you of how good you feel outside and when you notice it and so you’re  prompted to take five minutes outside.

Whenever you see it, feel it or remember it, repeat one of your affirmations and reaffirm your intentions.

So are you ready to bring your intentions into action? If you found this useful, check out part 2 here with more ways to support habit changing & transformation. I’ll be checking in that your intention still fits your situation and preventing the damaging, frustrating bore of burn-out. Join my newsletter below to make sure you don’t miss it.

What are your favourite ways to keep yourself on track with a new plan? Let me know in the comments.

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