My Morning Routine for Mojo and Magic

Forest Sunbathing - morning routine

My favourite articles in magazines are always peoples’ morning routines.

I love reading about the wonderful ways people begin their days.

My other favourites include: what’s in my bag, a day in the life (see my Day in the Life in Get Fresh! Magazine here), my favourite outfit, my plate morning, noon and night (see my daily meals and recipes over at Naturally Lauren here) and my favourite things articles.

And so when my dear friend Gala Darling wrote about her morning routine, I couldn’t resist sharing mine too.

As for the other articles, watch this space: there’ll be a ‘what’s in my bag’ blog coming soon. My bag is gorgeous by the way, vintage vegan Matt and Nat. Yum.

My morning routine has shifted towards simplicity over the last few years.

Remember that I said I used to love reading everyone else’s routines? I also used to love trying out all the techniques and ideas for myself. At one time I had about 18 different things in my morning routine and by the time I’d finished I was ready to go back to bed for a nap!

Green smoothies for morning routine

Eventually I realised that getting up at 5am and trying to cram in:

– Affirmation CD listening

– Altar time

– Chemical free vegan makeup applications

– Deep breathing pranayama practice

– Dry brushing

– Flax seed tea drinking

– Green juice making

– Green smoothie enjoying

– Hair styling

– Lymph massage

– Medicine

– Mantra reciting

– Mala bead prayers

– Morning pages

– Manifesting dreams intention setting

– Neti pot using

– Oracle card pulling

– Oil pulling

– Prayer

– Qi gong practice

– Reading inspiring spiritual books

– Subliminal CD using

– Seated meditation

– Superfood smoothie swallowing

– Supplement taking

– Showering

– Teeth cleaning

– Teeth flossing

– Tongue scraping

– Vision board sessions

– Warm water and lemon drinking

– Writing in my gratitude journal

– Yoga session

was not very sensible or sustainable… so instead I decided to approach my morning routine from a different route.

Grace and horse EFP for morning routine

Now my morning routine varies according to my needs. CLICK TO TWEET

It’s different on days when I am in a pain flare, in summer or winter it differs and fits my needs and those of my environment. But that’s not to say I’m always doing new things – I am a creature of habit – I just do the same things to different degrees and in different ways.

Journals as part of morning routine

Check out my morning routine:

High energy routine – Time outside, movement, awareness, expression, body fuel

Low energy routine – Movement, awareness, expression, outside, body fuel

Bad weather routine – Movement, awareness, expression, garden/feed birds/weeding, body fuel


avocado topped gluten free toast on cherry patterned plate for morning routine

Drinking hot water with lemon

Drinking a green juice

Drinking a green smoothie


Stack of notebooks with coloured pens on top for morning routine journalling

e.g Morning Pages from Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron)

Writing a thank you note

Writing out the top three priorities for the day


Yoga in the park for morning routine

e.g Dancing to one song

5 Rhythms

Qi gong practice


Tai Chi leaflet for morning routine awareness

e.g Journalling

Practicing walking meditation

Practicing silent meditation


If you’d like to learn about the Rituals I practice to set myself up for a magical day, get yourself a copy of Gala’s gorgeous Radical Self Love Almanac 2015, and read my piece on making a magic day here.

Want more support on creating your own routine that matches your mood? Check out my interview with the amazing Magificent Mornings creatrix Claudia Olivie on altering your morning routines for life!