SamuelGrace Feet

From Waist Height and Wondering 17

It is moments like this why I carry my camera(phone).  

About to do yoga with my nephew.

I have been given the fabulous opportunity to do beloved Randi Buckley‘s Maybe Baby course. Randi and the loving Maybe Baby community helped to unravel the pain-filled, angry, over-saturated-society-messages tangle that was my maybe baby feelings. 

It’s a curious thing, you go your whole life not wanting children then some man in a white coats tells you no-no lady, never going to happen. And your world shoots up in the air and shatters back down around your little red ballet shoes. Or maybe that’s just me. 

Flesh and blood is overrated, it’s just one route really. Child of my heart, birthing beautiful creations. 

These feet carry us, mine have taken me good places and y’ know less good places on occasion. His are just beginning and so beautifully.

When he was born I whispered to him how much we love him, how he can do anything, be anything he wants, anything. I want to whisper to you now too, come a little closer. Ok, let me tell you, and darling, I’ve seen miracles, I’ve seen life, death and the land in between and I’m telling you now, you can do anything you want, anything. You can be anything you want, anything. 

It’s not too late, you are perfect, no matter how broken you feel, you are special, no matter how much you hate, you are loved, no matter how alone you feel. 

*hugging you now*

SamuelGrace Feet