What To Do When Things Aren’t OK

Picture of white flowers (closed petals) and the words: I believe in youStop, take a deep breath, and now let it out. Stay with me here.

I know it’s hard right now. I know it hurts. Maybe it hurts more than you can bear, more than you should be asked to bear. But it’s happening and so we are going to deal with what is here.

Can you try to breathe?

If you feel dizzy or sick, maybe lie down. I always used to lie down on the floor when I got panic attacks, often because practically speaking, if I’m going to hyperventilate and pass out I’m less likely to be injured if I’m closer to the floor. And people don’t mind as much as you’d think, even in the super-market.

Remember, right now, you are safe. Right now in this moment you are here, with me and I’m thinking of you. I’m wishing you well.

You are cared for, wanted and you are enough. (Click to Tweet!)

Be aware of this moment, can you see the time or the date? Look at the time and the date on your phone, look out of the window at the sky. You are here now, ground yourself in the present.

Notice things, notice the clothes on your skin, notice the patterns on the walls. Try counting – how many square things can you count in the room? Check in with your breathing; see if it’s slowing a little.

When you can, bring your focus back to your breath. Your breath is a refuge that is always with you. It never leaves you and is a sanctuary you can tap into throughout your life. Become aware of your breath and think of your abdomen rising and falling, the air filling your lungs and leaving your lungs. If breathing is difficult right now, bring your focus instead to your heart. Your heart is a wonderful organ and it rests at least half the day. Be like your heart and rest in this moment now.

Bring your awareness to yourself on the floor/chair/bed. Can you feel your foot/feet/bottom? Focus on where your body is touching the earth. Visualize roots, deep long roots like those under a tree. Feel those roots grounding you down into the earth. If you aren’t directly in touch with the earth then send those roots down through the legs or wheels of your chair or car, or through the walls of the building down into the ground. The wheels or the walls are made from rubber, or cement or brick – all elements from the earth. They are natural places for your roots to follow on their way to the deep earth grounding you.

Is there something you can hold on to? In Healing Boxes we sell palm stones for you to hold. Try to hold onto something, a rock, someone’s hand, a ring or necklace, a book…

Perhaps there’s a mantra you can repeat: breathe, be, now…

Can you think of a time after this? A time in which you will be happy again? Plan something good that you can get to. The sun will return, you can smile. It won’t always be like this.

If you need extra support, I’m here and remember, I believe in you.