August Trailblazing Resources: Fuel for Your Healing Fire

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The best of the wellness internet. Lovingly curated trailblazing healing resources for fun and wellness fabulousness to fuel your healing fire.

Dear heart, it’s the end of term and summer hols, finally. What a journey this school year has been! I have been quiet here; spending my energy in my client work, processing all my learning and caring. I’ve curated my favourite trailblazing healing resources, inspirations, proclamation and motivation this month – dive in…

Yes, I want to attend the Rebel Heroine Retreat! Do you want to take action, but in a way that actually makes something happen? By which I mean, in a way that is effective but sustainable? So often we see activism and self-care placed at opposite ends of the spectrum, but what if activism IS self-care? Want to know more? Read more here and don’t wait to head over to the Rebel Heroine Retreat.

I love working with dreams, in my journals, in my body, in the world. But Dyana Valentine goes even deeper, working with the unedited scene of sleep, dreams and symbols…she knows what we really, truly need to hear cannot be gleaned by the waking, editing mind. I have been blessed to experience a Woke Up Knowing with Dyana and it still resonates and guides me 7 years later. Check out Dyana’s Patreon and let your dreams live.

I am looking forward to reading The Collected Schizophrenias and think you may too, check it out and pre-order here.

I have been using my Gravity Life for some months and I am literally taking it with me to trainings and meetings. I find the release such a great compliment to supporting my body with the aids I need daily.

Its National Friendship Week and Pretty By Post has you covered. Let’s get those cards flying.

Failure is part of growth, Erika has decided to Fail Like a Fancy Lady and she has 5 questions to help you grow through the challenging times.

If you’d like to support my work as a disabled solo business owner, please consider purchasing one of my ebooks or you can buy me a coffee here (well, rosehip and calendular tea actually, but that doesn’t make a snappy URL).

How to help fight family seperation at the border.

Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness Psychotherapeutic Counselling at Llantarnim Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, Torfaen text in orange over a white octagon over a photograph of a therapy room showing a chair and a window with cedars beyond.

I’m so excited to share: I launched my psychotherapeutic counselling practice!

I work from a gorgeous historic mansion turned arts centre. It was built in the 1500s (but dating back to 12th century). It stands in a grove of cedars; the original 12th-century Welsh name was Gelli Las (Green Grove).

The sessions offer a time where clients don’t have to take care of anyone else’s needs or focus on anyone but themselves. I hope to support clients to explore and understand themselves, resolve difficulties and move towards more fulfilled ways of living.

I am an integrative counsellor, which means my work is influenced by several different schools of thoughts, including psychodynamic, humanistic and transpersonal. My practice is intersectional and incorporates somatic reflections. If you are looking for support, please check it out.

Check out this Patreon, crutches and spice – yes and yes.

Do you identify as Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, Empath or Introverted? Are you also living with chronic illness? Check out my podcast interview with Anna on living and changing the world from your bed, special emphasis on thriving while HSP.
While I LOVE handwritten cards, I’ve been exploring and loving Paperless Post recently. These gorgeous virtual cards ALWAYS arrive and I can send from the comfort of my home. Yes and yes. There are free cards, personalised cards, designer collections and paper cards too!
[N.B: Paperless Post kindly gifted me coins to trial their service before I shared about it with you].

Looking for new podcasts? We have a GREAT list compiled in our wellness community The Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe, come and check it out.

I’m so delighted to be a guest teacher in Spinning Gold 2018-19, in which we will weave the worlds together through story and sacred arts. You can jump in here. And check out a sample of my class here.

Leading from the heart – a summit that I am so looking forward to.

I am so excited to explore these embodied tarot spreads.

Looking for LGBTIAIQ+ friendly music/artists? Check out this link (via Little Red Tarot, with thanks).

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