• Trailblazer Interview: Tiffany Kairos on Epilepsy Mindfulness, Compassion & Action

    Today we are hearing from Tiffany Kairos Care-Rose,  the founder of The Epilepsy Network (TEN). TEN’s mission is to educate, advocate and provide hope to all who have been affected by epilepsy. Tiffany has lived with epilepsy for eight years to date. In this Trailblazer Interview we talk about:  – How to move forward and build a life with a condition that can make the future unpredictable. – How to keep positive after seizures happen (or any other unexpected health flare or challenge that might affect someone) and how you’ve managed to make peace with a repetitive condition. – How Tiffany used her challenge to blaze her trail and make…

  • Trailblazer Interview: Mara Glatzel, The Illusion of Rest & Finding Restoration

    Mara Glatzel is an intuitive guide and energy healer. She is also a creative leader, a wild celebrator of the sacred mundane, and expert at living in her own skin with as much grace and ease as she can muster. She teaches women how to reclaim and celebrate their innate power and brilliance, guiding women home to themselves, because she believes that each and every one of us is the expert to our own experience of being a human on this plane. Do you want to hear more from this intentional, compassionate soul? I do… In this Trailblazer Interview we talk about:  – What is rest, really? – Reframing our needs of…

  • Trailblazer Interview: Kayla Kurin & Accessible Yoga for All

    Kayla Kurin is the founder of Aroga Yoga, she’s a yoga therapist, teacher and health advocate who works with people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Is that you? *That sound you just heard was everyone reading this raising their hands simultaneously.* I’m so excited to share her work with you, especially knowing that many of you are, like me, living with illness and in caring roles, working to make yoga accessible day to day.

  • Trailblazer Interview: KC Baker & Public Speaking Skills to Transform Your Self & World

    Previously an investment banking analyst and assistant for two US Senators, KC Baker is an international women’s thought leadership & public speaking skills trainer, speechwriter, and two-time TEDx speaker and is renowned for her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies. She believes that the key to positive transformation in our world lies in supporting women in unleashing the brilliance of their voices.

  • Trailblazer Interview: Christy Tending & REAL Self Care

    Christy Tennery-Spalding is an activist, yoga teacher and self-care instigator. Her classes also draw on yoga philosophy; Buddhist teaching and meditations; and some practices from Taoism. Her wish is for a healthier, more just world for all of us to live in. And her deepest longing is for all of us to be free together.