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Hello, dear one

I’m Grace, I live in Wales and I’m a counsellor, writer, coach, wellness provocateur, and healing trailblazer.

I want to live in a world where we are loved, accepted, and supported, and when illness, disability, difference, trauma or grief throw life off track, we can blaze a trail to a truer self.

Living with pain, illness or life crisis? I made this site for you.

Illness has been called “another country”, and it’s not only illness we get lost in, but pain, accident, trauma, or grief.

They are our own personal wilderness, and you are finding a way through the wilderness you are the first to do it in your life, the only one who can, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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"The transformational experience that Grace offers as an alternative to thrashing about in the weeds of 'no cure' and 'multiple chronic illnesses' is like nothing I've experienced before.

Her insight, support, and invaluable perspective on life with illness - and the healing journey that accompanies it - reminds me not only of her extraordinary capability for transformation and courage, but of my own as well."

-Esme Weijun Wang, New York Times bestselling author of The Collected Schizophrenias |

  • Pile of printed newspapers.

    My Research & Development: Exploring Trauma-Informed Approaches To Digital News Delivery

    I’m interested in how we tell, take in and shape stories. The stories in the news. The history of our family and community. The narratives of our lives. Since 2020, I’ve been working with Clwstwr Creu, supported by Cardiff University and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, to understand how we can take a trauma-informed approach to digital news delivery. I’m excited to get to the best part of my current research; user testing.  This is part of my research and development in news and trauma. I’m a counsellor, writer and researcher. My focus is on working with clients with multiple marginalised or minoritised identities and working safely with embodiment…

  • Newsstand of papers in a city.

    News Titration for Survival

    As the pandemic continues, the climate crisis worsens and governments fail citizens, our relationship with the news changes. In this talk, I explore my research with Clwstwr Creu on news delivery and trauma. Thinking about searching behaviour, how we take in updates and what we are looking for, when we search for news. I’m a counsellor, writer and researcher. I’m also a Pervasive Media Studio resident researching trauma and data delivery. I received my MA in digitally delivered body psychotherapy from Bath Spa in 2021. My work has been published in The Guardian, The Metro and The New Statesman. I’m currently writing an essay collected titled Madwomen Are My Ancestors.…

  • Photographs of four women, text: shortlist, Nan Shepherd Prize

    Nan Shepherd Prize Shortlisting

    I’m delighted to be shortlisted for the prestigious 2021 Nan Shepherd Prize for nature writing. It’s an honour to be shortlisted alongside such fantastic writers and I am delighted in the interest in my book, The Selkie Papers. The Selkie Papers GRACE QUANTOCK The Selkie Papers is a memoir in essays exploring recovery from trauma and accessing the natural world as a wheelchair user. The book explores themes of chronic illness, marginalisation and navigating physical and mental boundaries, woven together with the selkie myth. The writing is engaging, moving and considerate in its approach to the natural world. The Selkie Papers: Field Notes on Finding Boundaries draws from Grace Quantock’s personal and…

  • A Writing Chance: Calling for Media Inclusivity

    Actor Michael Sheen has called on the media industry to create options and opportunities for aspiring writers and journalists from lower income and under-represented backgrounds. Today he announces 11 new writers who will be supported by A Writing Chance, a positive intervention to a persistent industry issue that sees 75% of journalists come from the highest social groups. A Writing Chance is co-funded by Michael Sheen and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation with support from the New Statesman and Daily Mirror. The UK-wide initiative is delivered by New Writing North with research from Northumbria University. The project is designed to discover new talent, support new writers, and prise open an industry…

  • Career Out of Joy Workshop

    New Free Workshop: Career Out of Joy–Marginalised Voices Writing About Pleasure

    Date: Saturday 24th July, 1pm to 3pm BST. We are seeing an increasing awareness of the need to centre of voices of people of colour, disabled, LGBTIAQ+ and many others who have been excluded. However, trauma survivors and marginalised folx are always (often only) asked to write about our suffering. Many of us are still welcomed for our shock value, but it’s disguised as “listening to lived experience”. (The giveaway is that there’s only certain experiences they want to listen to; it’s an updated freak show. Tell us of your terrible experiences so we can nod and gasp, while disavowing how we are contributing to othering in this very room.) When…