Gratitude & Grace List: Summer Loving Edition

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Inspired by my dear friend Gala Darling, I’m taking my love lists out of my (gold, sparkly) journal and sharing them with you.

May they spark smiles for you too.

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Little Things I Love

Roses on my altar * Time off-line * Having TWO vases of flowers on the sitting room table * Polishing the table (the one my father made) so it shines * Seeing bats flying over the stream at dusk while we walk the dogs * Getting compliments on my amazing wheelchair colour * Fires on rainy days * Volunteering at Able Radio * My Chillow that lets me sleep in humid nights * Listening to audio books at lunch time * Wearing lilac and pink together * Designing bespoke Healing Boxes * Eating courgette fritters with salad, vegan cheezy sauce and socca bread (recipe here) * Playing Dyana Valentine’s SuperConditions Game (check out my interview with Dyana here.) * Practising self-care with Hella Metta (check out my interview with Christy here) * Refining my morning routine. * Taking care of myself with breast self-exams and this beautiful ‘Love the Girls’ breast massage oil (thanks to Briana Saussy for the Etsy shop recommendation. P.S. check out Briana’s Spinning Gold class, it’s truly magic)

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My Summer Gratitude and Grace List

I am enjoying, happy and grateful for:

1. Our rescue puppies Doris and Peregrine.

This month they have learned to go up on their hind legs and eat raspberries off the bushes in the garden. Aannnnd Doris had a late night foray into the garden (she acted like she just wanted to go to wee) however in the morning all the strawberries were gone!

I also love how Doris butts my laptop closed with her snout if I’ve been on it too long, and leads me to the biomat in my studio for rest. Darling little D.

2. Making art, movement and magic with the free retreats.

The Women Unleashed Retreat and The Soul Spa. I’ve made my muse with Sophia McCloud, coloured mandalas with Flora Bowley, developed my intuitive painting with Chris Zydel, made art with Tamara LaPorte, made Soul Art collages for my animus, planned self-care and more!

3. Books that make me feel and think. 

This month I devoured, read and loved:

Silence, by Sarah Maitland. I haven’t stopped talking about it yet: silence, faith, healing and more. Get your copy here.

Then I moved on to re-reading, Red Hot and Holy, which rocked my world, not least because I love Marion Woodman’s work SO much too.

Next I flowed on to re-reading Code Red and I can’t wait to read Love Your Lady Landscape . I’m picking up my copy from the bookshop tomorrow, (you can get a copy here and awesome free gifts here).

 4. Wonderful emails about my TEDx talk.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take the stage and share my message with the world. I love getting emails from people who’ve watched it and meeting them in person too. Want to write your own talk? Join me for KC’s amazing training. I’m a mentor on the program and it changes your business and your life.

Speaking of, don’t miss her Uncommon Speaking Secrets Video Training Series, it’s free for a limited time! Check out KC’s amazing videos today.

Related: I LOVE making secret plans for business brilliance.

5. Shopping in my bookcase instead of online.

I’m using what I already have and loving it.

e.g.  When I coach clients online there’s a timer on the computer so I don’t need a watch.

But I need a watch when counselling in person at BCPC.

So I looked in my (childhood) jewellery box and I have 4 watches already (sure, one’s a holographic silver Barbie watch) but 2 others are perfect, they are just what I am looking for; my taste, my style – of course they are, I bought them already! I shopped my own jewellery box for a watch rather than costing the earth more resources by buying a new one.

Win win and happy smiles.

What do you love and feel grateful for? What’s on your Gratitude and Grace List? Let me know in the comments!

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