Appreciation Celebration: The Radical Approach to Healing

pile of happiness and medical books. Sometimes healing and changing our lives can feel so overwhelming. We read or see all the things we need to do. Sometimes I feel like I could drown under a big sea of healing things, or get crushed by a book avalanche of all the as-yet-unread healing books!

A few years ago I was struggling with this but my (wise, kind) husband said something which really helped to put it into perspective for me –

We need to acknowledge and celebrate all the healing things we are doing right now!

It sounds simple but it is so easy for amazing powerful healing acts to become routine and background and cease to be acknowledged as the brilliant life changing superb wellness life affirming miracles they are! 

It’s time to pat ourselves on the back and appreciate all we are doing!

Radical Gratitude


Do you have a gratitude journal? I have one and I love it and write down all the things I am grateful for, I start small;

I am grateful to have nice socks on, 

I am grateful that we have lovely food for dinner, 

I am grateful my sister is calling later. 

And then I go all the way out to;

I am grateful to be alive now, 

I am grateful I am safe from violence, 

I am grateful to have a home and food and that my country is not in a state of war, 

I am grateful for the plants and birds and the warmth of the sun…

But you know in all that I do not think I once wrote how grateful I am for all that I am doing for myself. Linus, yes, my journal is pages and pages devoted to him and all the wonder and blessings and love which he brings by his kindness and by being himself and living.

But I have not once put how grateful I am for the choices I am bravely making for my body and my healing every day. 

Well no more, now I am recognising all I am doing for my wonderful healing process of a body. This is recognising the good we all do for ourselves every day.

On A Daily Basis


So each time we get up, that is a good choice. I know we have to but sometimes oh-the-pain and how tempting it is to stay in bed. Not getting up means not have to face the days when being dressed is a seemingly insurmountable challenge, or when one is in too much pain to pull one’s thoughts into a prayer. So every day that you get out of bed its a choice you are making, it is healing and it is a victory.

So what that I am not, for example, having colonics (nervous), or growing and juicing wheatgrass (haven’t been organised enough to grow it yet), or I haven’t read the book mountain (and can’t get most of them on audio).

What I am doing is fabulous; I drink my green juice every morning, I meditate and do adapted yoga, I am vegan, we have a chemical free home, I eat organic and did even when we officially lived below the ‘poverty line’.

I can sit up and write this, I am happy, and I can take most of my pills without throwing them up again – not that I don’t want to!

Each time I manage any one of these wonderful healing actions I am doing good for my body, I am actively healing.

We are acknowledging and celebrating all we do rather than worrying about all the things we could do or all the things we are not doing yet.

So now each time I drink my green juice or choose salad over toast Linus tells me how much good I am doing my body and reminds me to celebrate and to visualise how much what I am doing is helping me

If you are reading this site and want to turn Trail Blazer, brilliant for you, but please take a moment to notice all the good you are already doing. Gold stars to you!

Today is celebration day rather than guilt-I-haven’t-done-it-yet-day. I expect you do lots of things but you are so used to them they have become part of your life and habit, we forget.

Today let’s re-focus on the benefits of all we do and be kind to you.

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