• Sacred Stories: Feast of Mary Magdalene & Moving into Trust

    Image Credit: Tanya e Torres Sacred Stories Series: seasonal psycho-spiritual checkpoints to share our history & remind us to pause. Today is the feast day of Mary Magdalene, traditionally, this is the time of year that people celebrated everything from redemption and devotion to the Divine Feminine. She’s been ascribed to the archetype of the sacred prostitute and named Apostle to the Apostles. Whether you are Christian, pagan, agnostic or atheist, if you live in the western world, you live in a society shaped by and saturated in these sacred stories. [Tweet “Sacred stories are all around us, in our dreams, woven into our most beloved tales.”]

  • Finding Focus: Insights for Exploring our Divinity

    “…I didn’t have time to pray, I had to make use of every spare moment for the seemingly endless array of things on my ‘to-do’ list… When I had no choice, when those little structures that we erect to keep ourselves going started cracking, I did stop. And in the stillness, I realised anew that comfort, renewal, and deep peace can always be found in the present moment if we allow ourselves even a few minutes to rest with our Source. No matter what the circumstances of our lives are, we can place ourselves in the presence of the Divine, the moment we decide to be still, to breathe, to…

  • Giveaways for the Season of Getting: Christmas Alternatives

    ‘Whatever we hold as our own, we consecrate with our very life. This alone should give us pause before we invite anything or anyone new into our already crowded and hurried lives. How much can we hold? How much can we take in, and still have room to bestow our full hearted blessing?‘ – Wayne Muller Do you feel a lack?  Are you worried that you alone are not going to be enough and so you must take more into yourself all the time?  This is a way to doubt, to undermine, undercut, under-trust, devalue and de-sanctify your innate inner wisdom. In all it’s responsibilities and wonders. Do you begin…