Grace and_Cassie_at_Business_Bootcamp

Business Rocket Fuel – My Experience with Web Fuelled Business Boot Camp.

Grace and_Cassie_at_Business_BootcampHonestly? I signed up for the Web Fuelled Business Boot Camp because my grant advisor told me to. And then my business advisor told me to.

And they were very very right.

They are of course, terribly clever and have been doing this a lot longer than me.

So I listened and Linus (my husband, for new readers) and Bertie (the dog) and Cassie (newbiepreneur in start up, kindly PA-ing for me) all got dressed up and had a road trip to Bristol.

No, I didn’t make Cassie hammer holes in the business cards on the drive down, Linus did it last night. Although they are accessorised with ribbon and up cycled glow in the dark stars. Uh huh.

We listened to Arrested Development, Florence and the Machine and Grace Potter. Bliss. We mind showered Cassie’s business and went through her Spark Kit answers. We read about how to network and planned topics from the darling Alex Franzen’s 100 Alternatives to So Wadda You Do? Essential. I used them and they were glorious and neon, as is the darling Ms Franzen herself.

Reeling, squealing, spinning,

Fire hose of inspiration soaked in simplicity and sense.

Flying, jiving with it.

Connecting conversions,
A room of inspiration,
A scene of liberation,
From hesitation.

Cassie and I swooned at Doug Richards speaking….we want to go with him and sit at his feet and listen. If it wasn’t for the business instigation I now have to act on I would be saying to Linus, “Change of plan, get the car, we are going on a road trip to this man’s talks”. Imagine being able to speak like that? Platonic business crush!

He is direct, charismatic, funny and oh-so confident.

If you haven’t heard him then believe me when I say – go now. I’m telling you, why are you still reading this darling? Go.

The best way I can describe it is…imagine Dyana Valentine full-fuelled power, talking about SEO and Google Analytics, but as a Californian man. That’s about the size of it.

Actionable marketing and stand up comedy. Channelled through one soul.

My Favourite Gems From the Day:

:: Be uncommonly precise. Are you present? There is everything to play for.

:: In one sentence, your business; why and why you?

:: You are competing against the instant allure of the high street. Over deliver. Have lots of pictures of the lovely things you sell on your website.

:: Don’t lick things in shops. You had to be there.

:: People don’t like scrolling down. The playing field is 480 pixels.

:: Meeting fabulous people also attending. We met the right ones, heart-hugs.

:: In your efforts to do good you must first do well. You can’t share a loss. Until you’ve done well, you can’t do good.

How can you get involved? Go now. I mean it, you’ve been told. This is more than a call to action, this is an intervention for the benefit of your business. Baby, this is an instigation to achieve.

Am I gushing? Yes. Why? I’m very excited and happy, I’ve had a wonderful day. Or can’t you tell?