Fantastically Fabulous Gift Giveaway!

I know, what a title! Exciting, eh? Well, it is rather is actually, as just because I do love you so very much, I have a gift for you!

A BreathWorks Mindfulness Meditation C.D (or MP3 download, if you are outside the UK) to give away.

I went on a BreathWorks course two years ago, and out of all the meditation techniques and practices I have tried, this one stuck. It was beautiful and fully accessible to my needs and limits with loving kindness. 

To win the prize, you need to answer this question:

What is the name of the woman who founded Breath Works? 

Answers in by the end of the month. The winner will be picked randomly from all the correct answers and I will announce them here and get in touch by email.

So, email me [email protected] with your answer. 

<Good fortune to you, happy meditating!

Namaste, * Grace * xxxxx