Allow Me To Introduce: Pretty By Post [New Sponsor]

Black cast iron mailbox with a horse and rider embossed on it. A brass plate saying Letters and white writing over the image saying Allow Me To Introduce: Pretty By Post

Pretty By Post, a monthly greeting card (and a quarterly stationary box) subscription service for paper and people lovers, is our latest sponsor.

The opinions and words used here are, as always, my own.

P.S. Pretty By Post has a lovely gift for you. Read on for details…

4 Reasons Why I Love Pretty By Post:

old letters tied with string, pen, ink pot and phoographs

1. Cards and Mail Change Lives

I have been house bound and bed bound, living and healing with chronic illnesses.

I’ve also spent time in hospital and supported people who’ve spent significant amounts of time there.

I know what it’s like to get a letter and have it brighten your whooole week.

The fact that someone picked a beautiful, appropriate and lovely card, that they sat down to write to you and you are holding in your hands the card they chose, is a magical thing.

When you see the envelope in the mailbox or hallway, there’s something special there, a momento from your loved one, a gift from the outside world, from miles away, even from another country – there’s nothing like that feeling.

(I believe in the power of post so much, I founded Healing Boxes!)

apartment mailboxes in gold numbers 574-614

2. Pretty Post is Mindful

Email is magical, we can send messages across the planet for free, in a fraction of a second, what power…buuut it’s become ubiquetous. Our inboxes are places of to-dos and action, a letter in the post is something different.

There’s a ritual in it, a reminder to to slow down, step away from screens, feel the pen, the paper, the moment.

If you are sending a letter or card, you’re infusing it with your energy. I always pour love and compassion into every letter before I send it off, I kiss them and wish them well.

I recieved a beautiful parcel from a dear friend this week and when I opened it, I was surrounded with the scent of her home, so dear and familiar. Impossible by email.

Cards are tactile, you can stand them on a chimneypiece, tape them to your bedside drawers or above your desk with washi tape, keep them to use as book marks and smile everytime you open the pages.

As the old Royal Mail adverts said, “You can’t re-read a phonecall”.

antique pen nib on white paper

3. Automation Saves Energy

Pretty by Post offers a subscription service and let me tell you, I think subscriptions are The Actual Best.

I would subscribe every single thing I purchase if I could. It saves time and energy that I get to spend on fun things like writing to you here, sending a card to a loved one, or cuddling my rescued puppies.

Every time I finish anything: an appointment, tea with a friend, a podiatrist session, a doctor’s appointment, anything, I always schedule the next one, or a reminder to check in about the next one, right away.


Because otherwise it takes so much energy; I have to remember that I’m short of that item, or haven’t spoken to that person in forever, or my feet are really sore…then find the number, call them, play phone tag, duel diaries and finally book an appointment – wasted energy!

Imagine all you need just showing up at your door, gorgeous curated cards, letters from friends replying to Pretty By Post letters you’ve sent…no need to search, shop or stress – heaven!

No, automation saves energy and that’s why Pretty by Post’s subscription service rocks!

antique typewriter close up

4. Delivery is a Life-Saver

Ok, it’s exciting to get out of the house sometimes, but I do not find it exciting to slog through crowds of people with colds, tripping over my wheelchair, stuck under migraine-inducing shop floor lighting, just to get cards for my pen-pals and my Aunty in Ireland.

Here, it’s all sorted – huge sigh of relief – Danielle, Pretty By Post’s amazing founder, has already scoured the shelves and the internet to get the best paper supplies out there, and she sends them to your door.

This, of course, leaving you more time for writing and receiving beautiful letter and less energy spent searching for paper supplies that match your grace and style (and I know you are amazingly, fabulously individual and elegant, I can see that from here).

Small luxuries like beautiful cards make life sweet (my favourite small treats are beautiful cards and lovely soap in the bathroom).

You know those little things that just light up your day? That’s what these hand-chosen cards are!

teal mailbox in a row, leaves on the road

A Gift For You

Pretty By Post has offered a pretty sweet deal for my readers – so kind.

Visit Pretty By Post and use the coupon code GRACE, it gives you FREE shipping for the entirety of a
subscription or for any purchase!

What’s the nicest letter or card you’ve ever received? Let me know in the comments!

P.S Are you awesome too? Would you like to join as a sponsor and be featured here? Check out my new sponsorship program and get your work in front of so many amazing readers!

N.B You may also recognise Pretty By Post’s founder, Danielle as my amazing virtual assistant, I’m so excited to be able to share her amazing new venture with you.