Giveaways in the Season of Getting

“Whatever we hold as our own, we consecrate with our very life.
This alone should give us pause 
before we invite anything or anyone new into our already crowded and hurried lives.
How much can we hold? How much can we take in, and still have room to bestow our full hearted blessing?”

~Wayne Muller

long shot of a person standing on the edge of a cliff surrounded by waterDo you feel as though you are lacking? Worry that you are not enough?

Are you forever trying to compensate for this by taking on more (too much) in your personal, professional and emotional life?

These feelings, these inherent untruths only serve to breed further doubt. To undermine, undercut, under trust, devalue and de-sanctify your innate inner wisdom, in all its wonder and generosity.

Do you begin each day as a vessel? Rested and readied by sleep, energized and sanctified by dreaming, open to be filled with the all the information every morning promises?

It’s unlikely (and difficult!) We are hyper-stimulated. There is such demand for our time and attention that longing for a peaceful refrain has become an industry unto itself. Guided relaxation. Soothing meditation. Learning how to tune out – and ride out – our anxieties, overworked senses and just be. Yet somehow, there is still the ever present fear of missing out, falling behind. Failing to live.

What if we began the day as our true, grateful selves, appreciating every fibre of our being, entirely? If our goal, our deepest inner intention was to be lighter? That instead of gaining we gave? Released and were in doing so, lifted?

You are a house, filled to the rafters, with constantly shifting elements, burdens, feelings…all brand of stuff. Imagine the space and clarity you would invite into that house if you gave yourself permission to let go. To identify, draw forth, bask in and then release everything. To have joy, life, money and things flow through you not to you. What if you approached every moment with radical generosity?

The answer: lightness. Beautiful, freeing lightness.

You would be embracing the idea of a giveaway.

Giveaways are a tradition in many cultures. The concept is simple and beautiful: wealth is measured not by what you have but by what you can give to others. Because if you can donate not only your old clothes and unwanted things but your best, most precious items – your treasures – then you are truly rich.

Does that evoke an uncomfortable tug in the gut? A resistance that whispers, “no, not my treasures!”?

That restriction, constriction and tightening – that holding on…is fear.

We have some practice to do.

Let’s do it together: this week, can you approach with a full heart and let go?

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