Orlando, Mourning & Wounding: Healing & Holding in the Hardest Times

Orlando, Mourning & Wounding: Healing & Holding in the Hardest Times white text on grey stormy sea image

As we mourn the tragedy in Orlando, the lives lost and the wounds arising, I extend my deepest sympathies to all those who lost loved ones, who experienced trauma and who are dealing with fear and pain in the wake of the shooting.

I share these thoughts on coping with brutal times with the greatest love and respect for each individual’s process and needs. This is a powerful and nuanced issue. If what I’m sharing here works for you please keep it, use it, share it. If it’s not right for you, I accept that, I support your right to hold your own views, value you as part of the world I love, and I support you in seeking coping strategies that fit you.


Though observing isn’t the same as actually surviving an unfathomable social injustice or experiencing a violent incident, it can trigger anxiety, stress or even depression. When we lose touch with our own reality and self with each manifestation of upset and fear, the effect on our lives can be profound and far-reaching.

Where can we offer healing and holding to ourselves and others in the hardest times?

When can we address the places we are wounded and mourn our pain?

How do we cope in a world that can be such a terribly scary place?

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P.P.S when it hurts more than you can bear, read this and thoughts on processing grief from artist Sophia McCloud.

[This work was originally published in relation to Ferguson, I re-publish it here with Orlando in mind, in case it is of use at this time.]