A Love Letter to Your Healing Heart

A Love Letter to Your Healing HeartThis is a love letter from my healing heart to yours.

Paper hearts and rose maroc, old stories and tears, shared along with heart-scars over cups of tea, it’s all here.

We are, facing each other across the internet, from my screen to yours, be my virtual valentine?

I have something very special to share with you…

A Love Letter to Your Healing Self.


You are brilliant.

You don’t have to look the part, or feel it. You won’t reach a time in your life when your day to day reflects what you read online or what you imagine your idols’ lives look like. The beauty you see is created and in that realisation know that you have the power to create that beauty every day. In fact, every day means today, now, as you read this.

I am so very tired. I don’t want to wait any longer.

We need your superpowers activated, and I’m getting impatient because I love you, and what you have to offer so very much.

We have a beautiful world in front of us and one hundred thousand opportunities. Yes, we do. You don’t really think that the people you see being successful don’t have struggles too? There may be emotional pain, business fears, money struggles or out of control plumbing issues happening behind the scenes. Just because no one shares those in their instagram photos doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

We have choices every single moment, and I trust you to make those that work for you.

Accepting yourself is starting where you are now, not when the debt is paid off, or when you’ve lost 10 lbs. Not when the business is launched, the children are grown up, or you have finally mastered ballroom dancing and bought a juicer. Now.

In all the piles of washing, work deadlines and aching joints is the glory of this moment.

How do you do this? Darling, I am here and we can do this together.

I want you to hold an Appreciation Celebration.

Sometimes healing and changing our lives can feel so overwhelming. We read or see all the things we need to do. Sometimes I have felt like I could drown under a big sea of healing things, or get crushed by a book avalanche of as-yet-unread healing books!

We need to acknowledge and celebrate all the healing things we are doing right now.

It sounds simple but it is so easy for amazing, powerful, healing acts to become routine, and background and cease to be acknowledged as the brilliant life changing superb wellness affirming miracles they are.

It is time to pat ourselves on the back and appreciate all we are doing. (Click to Tweet!)

Do you have a gratitude journal? I have one and I love it and write down all the things I am grateful for. I start small: I am grateful to have nice socks on, I am grateful that we have lovely food for dinner, I am grateful my sister is calling later.

But you know in all that I wrote, I do not think I once wrote how grateful I am for all that I am doing for myself.

Thankful for Linus? Yes, my journal has pages and pages devoted to him, but I had not written about how grateful I am for the choices I am bravely making for my body and my healing everyday.

Well, no more. Now I am recognising all I am doing for my wonderful healing process of a body.

This is recognising the good we all do for ourselves every day.

So each time we get up, that is a good choice, and I know we have to, but sometimes the pain and getting dressed are seemingly insurmountable challenges,  and getting out of bed is a huge thing to manage.

So every day that you get out of bed it’s a choice you are making, and it is healing and it is a victory.

There are healing actions I haven’t taken yet, there always will be. There are not enough hours in the day to do everything, and I have a life to live.

What I am doing is fabulous; I drink my green juice every morning, I meditate and do adapted yoga, I am vegan, we have a chemical free home, I eat organic, I can sit up and write this, I am happy, and I can take most of my pills without throwing them up again.

Each time I manage any one of these wonderful healing actions I am doing good for my body. I am actively healing.

We are acknowledging and celebrating all we do, rather than worrying about all the things we could do, or all the things we are not doing yet. So now each time I drink my green juice or choose salad over toast Linus tells me how much good I am doing for my body and reminds me to celebrate and to visualise how much of what I am doing is helping.

If you are reading this site and want kick-start your healing, that’s brilliant for you, but please take a moment to notice all the good you are already doing in your life. For a start, reading this site and turning Trail Blazer! How amazing is that? Gold stars to you!

Today is a celebration day rather than guilt-I-haven’t-done-it-yet-day. I expect you do lots of things, but you are so used to them they have become part of your life and habit. We forget but today re-focus on the benefits of all we do and be kind to yourself.

Share your Appreciation Celebration with me in the comments below.