How to Heal in your Sleep

WellnessProvocateurVlogBadgeHealing while you sleep – it sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Leaving aside the fact that we are always healing while we sleep.

(Our body is repairing while we rest, nighttime is when our bodies take the opportunity to process, detox, repair, regulate hormones, and keep us functioning.)

We can still truly increase our healing powers with sleep, and that is by using a technique often called dream incubation. Stay with me here.

Dream incubation is a process of taking your question into your dreams and writing down your answer/insights/impressions upon waking and interpreting them.

Just consider your question – for example, ‘How can I heal?’ or ‘What do I need to heal’? Before you go to sleep and keep a dictaphone/notebook by your bed to record your impressions the minute you wake up. Got it?

I’m not saying you’ll wake up saying, ‘ah hah, the problems is the depressed function in the myelinated neurones and dorsal front pathways, of course!’

Well, hey, you might.

What’s more likely is that you’ll figure out what’s blocking you.

It might be something you knew already and this confirms it, or it might be something you didn’t want to see.

Could your job be dragging you down every day?

Your housemate’s misery is affecting your energy levels because staying up all night comforting her is wearing out your adrenals?

It could be a relationship that isn’t supporting you or a bad habit you know you need to drop – you just didn’t know how much until now.

Want an example? I cannot remember not being in education – seriously. I was always in a class for something, I am in several at the moment. But it was when I stopped studying and focused on healing that my health made a leap. I’d never not studied, so I’d never realised how much of my energy school (and it’s attendant stress) was sapping until I took a break.

Watch the vlog, try a dream-trial tonight and see what comes up?

Sweet pillow time….

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