Gratitude & Grace List: Winter Wellness Edition

gratitude and grace list: winter wellness edition text on photo of winter street, britain

Inspired by my dear friend Gala Darling, I’m taking my love lists out of my (gold, sparkly) journal and sharing them with you.

It’s been so frosty here. I’ve been enjoying our woodburning fire, curling up inside and hibernation time. I am truly grateful for every beautiful day.

Here are some more things I’m grateful for:

Little Things I Love:

Making pomanders with oranges and cloves * Decorating the chimneypiece with seasonal delights – I had pumpkins all Autumn but now it’s candles, a garland of holly, ivy and old man’s beard and bowls of glass baubles and homemade pomanders – it’s bringing me so much joy * Making festive gifts * Having bowls of mixed nuts and clementines out * Planning to make dried orange wreaths next year * Enjoying not worrying about gifts for a minimalist Christmas/Yule * Having piles of biographies from the library to dive into * Drying herbs for the winter, including bundles of sage and roses * Finishing my huuuugely deep essay for psychotherapeutic counselling training * Finding gorgeous clothes on eBay to stay warm in the winter * Lightening candles in the day time * Re-vamping my Healing Box Self-Care Kit * Planning to spend Christmas day painting * Celebrating Lady of Guadalupe day * Qoya on full and new moons * Celebrating advent with candles and calendars * The frost decorating the world * Drying organic orange slices in the dehydrator for delicious treats and edible yule tree decorations * Blending festive essential oil blends like nutmeg, frankincense, lemon and cinnamon – and opening the door and finding the house smelling utterly delicious * Christy’s amazing self-care workshops: get there for a peaceful festive time and intentional new year * New year, your way *

My Winter Wellness Gratitude & Grace List:

I am totally loving: sending out Healing Boxes…did you know I founded a non-profit called Healing Boxes CIC? check it out…Healing Boxes: order a Healing BoxA gift is an opportunity for joy, transformation and connection. Make it count. Click To Tweet

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Charity & Donations: Where The Money Goes

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