Gratitude & Grace List: Start of Term Edition

Gratitude and Grace List: Start of Term edition. Including myth, magic, kicking kyriarchy, lavish literary reads and sequin appreciation

Inspired by my dear friend Gala Darling, I’m taking my love lists out of my (gold, sparkly) journal and sharing them with you.

Little Things I Love:

I am beginning my last taught term at college (I’m studying psychotherapeutic counselling). I have been deep in essays, clinical placement and I’m still there. But it was lovely to have an easter break, to paint, to write, to sleeeep.

Here are some of the things I am enjoying right now:

Listening to BBC Radio 4 * My new journal, which is marbled and sparkly! * Not having a smartphone – it’s my 3rd month and I am feeling only relief and gratitude at this point – also, for my privilage of being able to choose to go smartphone free * Seeing the apple tree getting even more beautiful with a mist of green leaves, buds and spring-time gloriousness * The poems of Rilke * Finding stacks of my favourite books in a charity shop * My sequined cardigan * My red vegan boots * Daffodils – in the garden, on my table, the scent * Seeing violets in the woods * Working on my dissertation – so exciting! * Painting with watercolours * Planning my birthday retreat and celebrations! * Seeing moorhens building their secret nests on the lakes * rose, turmeric and cacao tea * learning rag time on the harp * Self-compassion week in the Trailblazers’ Cafe *

Gratitude & Grace List:

I am adoring Our Lady of the Dark Country, a collection of short stories, poems and a novella about powerful women, about the deep feminine, about Earth’s magic. First chapter here.

I can’t wait to read Antagonists, Advocates and Allies by Catrice M. Jackson. Patti Digh said “As a white woman, you need this guide. And your life won’t be the same after reading it”.

I’ve been using the word ‘patriarchy’ when I mean ‘kyriarchy‘. Here’s to expanding our vocabulary to discuss the things which impact our lives every day. Related: kicking the kyriarchy podcast.

A podcast of myth, magic, movement and creativity!

I’m so happy A Chronic Entrepreneur is live, and kindly interviewed me. Read it here.

I’m reading Unsettling Ourselves.

Imagination Battles of our time – a podcast I am so grateful to have access to.

I am so excited for this event:

Writing for Wellbeing Taster Session with Claire Williamson

Wednesday 9th May | 11am – 12:30pm | £5 | Chepstow Therapy Rooms

On 9th May, Claire will be running a small group taster session in writing for wellbeing at the Chepstow Therapy Rooms. We shall be trying out writing exercises that promote a positive and healthy wellbeing in a nurturing and friendly environment, with the possibility of starting a monthly group.

If you’re interested in joining in, email Claire at [email protected] for more details.

This gorgeous free mini-audiobook from Alexandra Franzen is amazing: Today is Not Over Yet.

I loved RedStamp and was really sad to hear they closed their doors. I’ve been exploring and loving Paperless Post since then. Have you checked it out? They have free cards, paid ones, designer collections and paper cards too! [N.B: Paperless Post kindly gifted me coins to trial their service before I shared about it with you].

Although if you are a paper fan, you must check out Pretty by Post

“Let’s expand the movement. If white vegans want veganism to have a chance of having a lasting role in the future, it is key to improve the movement now, opening it up for all.” – Decolonising Veganism to Make It More Accessible and Less Racist.

I’ve discovered and am loving Live With Moxie – my period is my life coach – loving it! Thanks to the amazing Rich Witch for the recommendation.

Related: I have been using Daysy for several months and despite some accessibility issues related to grip (smooth plastic, tiny buttons and hemiplegia do not go well together), I love it. If you want to check out a non-hormonal form of contraception then I encourage you to explore if Daysy is an option for you. It’s a teeny thermometer you put under your tongue each morning and it tells you about your fertility.

Pro Tip: if grip is a struggle for you as it is for me, elastic bands or grippy adhesive stickers may be your ally. [N.B: Daysy kindly provided me with a thermometer to try so I could feedback about accessibility and experience it before I shared about it with you.]

I am in love with Dust II Onyx.

If you like my work, you can now Buy Me a Coffee. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps me keep being able to produce and share free articles and resources here.

Also, I’m now writing for Medium.

If you are sick, tired, stuck in bed, I wrote this for you.

Invisible illness and feeling seen though photography.

In painful times – hold your tongue and offer your heart instead.

The colonisation of experience and I used to give men mercy – this writing!

A fantastic organisation working to empower disadvantaged BME women in South Wales, U.K.

Maranda Elizabeth‘s amazingly moving, indescribable writing.

I made a yoga playlist. And yes, I now want to make playlists for every aspect of my life.

I love Chase’s gorgeous site and her descriptions:

“, i’m chase! i am a white settler living and creating on unceded indigenous territories. i have lived on this land base my whole life.

i’m a queer, hearing impaired, disabled, and chronically ill witch and writer, and am here to share my stories and offer my services. i’m still figuring out what that means.

 i write myself as poetry. i live life slowly.

i am drawn to working with other marginalized folks, and prioritizing cripplepunks in all my offerings. i want to cater my magick to your healing needs.”

What are you loving? Let me know in the comments!

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash