New Diagnosis: Where to Turn

healing boxes palmstones imageI’m still pretty scared. I want my body to be ok.

What do you do when this happens? What do any of us do?

I’m hurting and it’s freaking me out. Why is my body doing this and even if I know why, still why? Physiological functions do not count as reasons.

Here’s what I do…

I take the action steps I need to take and carry on, trusting, loving, moving. I learn back into my practice

Q: Your life’s in free fall, who you gonna call?

A: You.

It is within you, all you need. Really, so much of our work here is helping you to discover and recover the resources you already have. Let this be a relief, you don’t have to keep searching, you’ve got it all already. Now it’s just a case of putting all the pieces into place.

Yes but perhaps you don’t understand, I’m SICK.

If you’ve come here because you’re dealing with a new diagnosis then hang tight because you are in the right place and we are going to make it through this together.

If you are dealing with day to day problems then you are here at exactly the right time and you can learn the tools you need to cope when things get rougher.

Now that you’ve arrived – you realised you wanted more help, more information, more support and took action to get that then you have done one of the hardest parts. Good things are coming.

The Obligatory Disclaimer.

We all want answers and you may dislike me but there are no magic pills here, no easy solutions.

If you are surfing searching for the one perfect fix then click away because you won’t find it here.

If you are ready to listen to people who have lived through pain and are sharing their ways and the hard-won knowledge from the trenches then settle in.

Warning, I’m going to spoil the ending for you – there is nothing that can fix everything.

There is no ebook, no program, no expert you can hire that will solve this without effort. Believe me when I say I have tried all that, and if you could see my bill you’d understand.

This isn’t one of those times when you buy a book and it sits on your shelf while you absorb the contents through proximity. There is work to be done and changes to be made.

But you’ve come here for advice and this is it: be open to these words, however unusual or uncomfortable. What you learn here will help you throughout your life if you put these practices into action.

This may seem different to how you have thought about things before, I know it’s difficult. I’m writing this as a balance between giving you the information you need and trying not to bash you over the head with the transformations and realisations which took me 5 years to move into.

Hope Summed Up in a Sentence.

I’m here to tell you that another way is possible. It doesn’t have to be like this.

When I was first diagnosed we were lost and scared. I felt alone in a big maze of doctors, tests, many, many blood tests, (many, many blood tests), prognosis’, prejudices, and desperate, small hours of the morning internet searches.

We turned our lives around and dove head first into an amazing healing journey and coming out the other side into full-colour-living. I want to share what we have been able to discover.

So many people have helped us, we’d like to pay that forward and lend a helping hand to others who are hurting.

So, I would like to offer this now, there is another way to look at things and there is another way to live.

I have been there, bed bound and unable to swallow, crashed out in front of the TV all day, trying to hold down studying for university, working and being very, very sick.

We realised that I could be empowered, fabulous and joyful right now.

Not when I’d finally cured myself against all the doctors prognosis’.

Not when I’d finally got better, because what is getting better? When do you reach it?

Yes I still live with pain and symptoms and yes we’re still living and managing the effects of the conditions every day.

But I am happier and in many ways healthier then when I got sick. So in that way I have got better. There has been true healing.

Diagnosis Action.

It can feel like getting a jail sentence, but I promise diagnosis can just be a signpost on your Healing Journey. Your diagnosis doesn’t define you. It is not your new name, not your destiny.

Sit with that this week.

* Explore around the edges, where does your condition end and where do you begin?

* What’s changed, merged or emerged through your living with illness?