Gratitude & Grace List: Spring Quickening Edition 

Inspired by my dear friend Gala Darling, I’m taking my love lists out of my (hot pink) journal and sharing them with you.

Spring feels like it’s on its way and I am glad, glad, glad. I am working on my diploma submissions, seeing clients and writing, writing writing. Utterly grateful for all of these things.

Here are some more things I’m grateful for:

Little Things I Love:

Seeing the buds start to come on the trees * Seeing bulbs coming up * Purple and yellow crocus, like the Flower Faeries * Snowdrops * Anemonies in all the cool blues and purples – my favourites * The wheels on my wheelchair being replaced and how easy moving now feels * The cargo net under my she Dried pears with allspice and cinnamon * Mixing watercolours * my ‘1 paint stroke a day’ painting * Ticking things off in my planner #pashfam * Turmeric and lemon tea * Fairtrade roses on my desk * Keeping the quotes from things I read filed in an index card box * Using those quotes in my writing * And as journalling prompts * Dreamwork energy drawings with chalk pastels *Chalk pastels on black sugar paper * Simnel cake and it’s legends * Imagining a vegan, gluten free version * Falling back in love with photography * The joy of analogue photography and being able to illustrate my journals and letters to loved ones with photographs * Because you can’t re-read a phone call * Practicing for my next harp exam * Finding out you can play rock music on the harp (yes, really) * Mask making * Travelling to north Wales for the first time and the beauty of the journey and the land * The shapes of the mountains * Learning welsh * 

My Spring Quickening Gratitude & Grace List:

My writing practice honed by Janelle’s support and mentorship. You can access her teachings and join her amazing writing circle here.

I’m so loving The Collected Schizophrenias by Esme Wang.

Charting my moods and experiences with The Moon is My Calendar.

I was so happy to speak at Ignite Cardiff about things to do when you are stuck in bed and bored (no, not like that, I mean if you are sick in bed and bored! If you want more ways, I have 500 here. Thank you for supporting my work!)

P.S Want more radical resources? Check out my Patreon for seasonal journal  prompts, monthly meditations and revolutionary retreat guides. 

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash