Trailblazer Interview: Mara Glatzel, The Illusion of Rest & Finding Restoration


Mara Glatzel, looking out over a lake in profileMara Glatzel is an intuitive guide and energy healer.

She is also a creative leader, a wild celebrator of the sacred mundane, and expert at living in her own skin with as much grace and ease as she can muster.

She teaches women how to reclaim and celebrate their innate power and brilliance, guiding women home to themselves, because she believes that each and every one of us is the expert to our own experience of being a human on this plane.

Do you want to hear more from this intentional, compassionate soul? I do…

In this Trailblazer Interview we talk about: 

– What is rest, really?

– Reframing our needs of rest, for health, business, entrepreneurship.

– The illusion of rest. Are you having junk food rest? 

– How to know what rest you need and how to get it.

– Entrepreneurship and real rest.

– Animals hibernate – the ocean ebbs and flows, there’s nothing wrong with you, we are part of the natural system and we all need rest.

– Eye care and rest extension

– Mara’s favourite 5-second wellness practice that you can do every day to shift your body and life.


Watch the Interview:



Download and read the Transcript.


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She’s also kindly offered a set of utterly gorgeous Daily Tending Divination Cards to a Trailblazing Wellness reader.


To enter, comment on this post with your favourite insight from the interview above. Deadline: Midnight GMT 31st December 2016. 

Daily Tending is the process of tuning into your inner wisdom each day. It is about carving out space for your needs by urging them forward to be witnessed and lovingly attended to. It is the practice of cultivating self-trust by creating a habit out of listening to and trusting your inner dialogue.

It is not a magic pill or a plan to revolutionize your entire life in 30 days.

It is the slow, delicious process of tuning in and experimenting with welcoming more of yourself into your own life.

The Daily Tending divination deck connects you with your inner wisdom in a tangible, daily practice that is easy to use and impossible to mess up. It provides you with a place to begin when you are unsure of how to foster deeper levels of buying tramadol online.


Pull a card in the morning, before you head into the busyness of your day.

Pull a card in a moment of overwhelm or doubt, when you are unsure of what to do next.

Pull a card and listen to yourself respond.

Pull a card and notice the ten-second shift towards tender sustainability.


It provides a practice for you to count on as the one small thing that you can return to when you lose your way.

With gentle exploration and kind words, the Daily Tending divination deck gives you the language for the questions that you haven’t been able to ask aloud before.

This deck is your road map to devotion, ease, and everyday indulgence.

This deck was created to facilitate your daily conversations with your highest self.

Deck Details

Your deck includes 40 hexagon cards.

10 prompts | 10 intentions | 10 questions | 10 gentle invitations

40 opportunities to connect with yourself more deeply.

Your deck will arrive in a beautiful muslin pouch with a love note from Mara and a set of sacred instructions for use.


One Comment

  • Chase

    Ah this whole interview resonated with me so much!! Particularly the element around “junk food rest”.

    I live with disability & chronic illness, and when I was accepted into a program with specialists at a nearby hospital, they sat me down to talk about rest and asked me all sorts of questions about my rest. My response was “Oh yeah, I rest all the time, I rest TOO much. I feel like I rest all day.” Which lead to a convo about what I called rest… Because laying in bed watching trashy TV while scrolling through social media, it turns out, ISN’T rest for my body (big surprise – though at the time it was an utter revelation). What I’d been calling “rest” wasn’t actually restful – it was just letting my body be immobile while bombarding it with useless stimulus. Now I take my rest time much more seriously and engage in short meditation breaks through my day, or moments of laying down with my eyes closed, or just stopping to do deep belly breaths. I definitely do “junk food rest” sometimes still, I’m just way more conscious of what it is and the purpose it’s actually serving – like was said in the interview, I know I can make choices about that. I’m an adult!

    The two apps I use & love on my Mac are Time Out & Flux. Time Out offers prompts as often as you’d like that are 15 seconds of freezing the computer, which I take as an opportunity to look away from the screen, maybe stretch or move my position a little. Then there are longer breaks that freeze the screen for 10 minutes, which is when I get up and move around or make tea. You can change the settings to suit your needs! It’s free though you can pay for bonus features.

    Flux adapts your screen colours to your environment – so if you put in your timezone and the area you live, it will make the screen softer when sunset hits, and gradually decrease the intensity of the lighting (you can still work, it’s just not that sickly bright blue glow). It can also be set and adapted to personal needs. It’s free too!

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