• Body Glitter & a Trailblazing Attitude: Create Your Magical Life – Alana Sheeren

    I’m so excited to have been interviewed on my friend Alana Sheeran‘s amazing podcast. Come and check it out…listen here. What you’ll hear in this episode: What it means to be a “trailblazer” Grace’s journey through autoimmune illness Surviving and living well Why Grace creates “healing boxes” Why body glitter? (Why not?) Rising from the ashes of grief This is ME and it’s NOT my fault Beware of judgments Toolkit for the newly diagnosed (on Grace’s website) Stages of healing Awareness is a process How to answer the question, “So, what’s WRONG with you?” How to handle probing questions from others Redefining exercise Find what WORKS for you Micro-volunteering: What…

  • Trailblazer Interview: Sally Hope, Wildheart, Practicing Entrepreneurship & Soul Exploration

    How do you combine self-love and seeking? Entrepreneurship and soul-exploration? Success and breaking all the rules? Sally Hope of The Wildheart Revolution shares how in the latest Trail Blazer’s Interview. Sally Hope is a renegade, life coach, entrepreneur angel and the instagatrix behind The Wildheart Revolution. She loves creativity, Joan Jett and motorcycle boots. Sally’s a true Trail Blazer and you can read more about her amazing, world changing work at http://sallyhope.com/ Check out the interview with her here: Sally Hope, Wildheart Renegade Interview. Listen in and enjoy! I wish you a wild heart and happy Trail blazing, xxxx Image courtesy of Sally Hope