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Yes, that’s right!

To thank everyone joining the Wellness Trailblazers’ Facebook Cafe, (and to give you a swift infusion of trailblazing empowerment) I’m so excited to offer you:

Wellness, Illness, Depression & Disability: Coping with Questions

Have you ever had to deal with questions/comments like this?

“But you don’t look sick.”

“What’s wrong with you? What’s your prognosis? What do the Doctors say?”

“Will you ever walk again? You are going to get better aren’t you?”

“Oh, my aunt had that same condition… She died from it.”

“Can you have children?”

“Have you tried walking/exercising/prayer/goji berries/drinking more water?”

“I was having a terrible day, but then I saw you, smiling and happy and it made my life seem better”

How do we navigate these waters? Can we diffuse the situation without crossing our boundaries? Is it possible to shift these experiences into empowering situations? Can we come away feeling happy?

We are exploring and answering these in this amazing audio.

The audio will create community, solidarity, trouble-shoot practical challenges, instigate new realisations and shift consciousness towards self care, pride and empowerment.

Hot topics covered:

:: How to deal with “So, what’s wrong with you?” and “But you don’t look sick!” conversations.

:: Unpacking why people make these comments and how we can keep feeling good when we are subject to them.

:: Creating our own “illness/wellness pitch”.

:: Crafting empowering replies to the awkward and inevitable questions.

::  Energy work to shield and ground ourselves during our adventures.

 :: What people CAN say when someone is ill/living with a disability. We often talk about all the awful comments we get so let’s create some ones we love. A quick review of disability etiquette, just because we are living with one disability does not mean we know the general etiquette for, e.g speaking to a deaf person. Let’s be the change.

:: Advanced Energy Work to strengthen our energetic white picket fences.

:: Empowerment Bingo – a fun way to cope with comments. Based on the infamous 6th Form History Bingo but much more world-changing.

:: Your Personal FAQs – what they are and why you need them.

:: Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You – a collaboration with Dyana Valentine to help you craft your illness/wellness pitch and never again get the deer-in-headlights moment when someone asks “so, what’s wrong with you?”.

Featuring super-special guests:


Dyana Valentine, Pitch Perfector

Founder of Pitch Perfect, teaching you tips to crafting the perfect personal health ‘pitch’, so you never get that ‘deer in headlights moment’ again when someone asks, what’s wrong with you?

headshot of melissa delay wearing a blue suit with her company logo truperception over the photo

Melissa DeLay, Message Maven

Message Maven at TruPerception.com and an expert in awkward conversations. Melissa shares her wisdom and advice on how we can navigate these difficult conversations.

terri cole psychotherapist headshot red shirt

Terri Cole, Psychotherapist

Using her experience as a psychotherapist, a life coach and a cancer survivor to help us get the most from these conversations.

randi buckley coach green shirt and black topRandi Buckley, Coaching and conscious communication expert

A world class coach who facilitates resolutions to our inner and interpersonal struggles. will be sharing their wisdom and advice on how we can navigate these difficult conversations.

Will all be sharing their wisdom and advice on how we can navigate these difficult conversations.

To get this amazing audio as my gift to you, just join the free Wellness Trailblazers’ Facebook Cafe!