• Trailblazer Interview: Brooke Snow & Digital Detox for Healing

    Brooke Snow delights in the pursuit of a meaningful life. To learn more about how to find true balance in your life check out everybranch.is Brooke lives in Northern Utah with her calm husband, adventurous 5 year old son and bouncy baby girl. I’m so excited to share her work with you, especially knowing that many of you are, like me, living with illness-related fatigue and information overwhelm.

  • Guide to Painful Periods: Claiming The Power In Your Reproductive Healing

    Listen to your womb, cervix, uterus, ovaries, belly. Do you hear them? They are places of deep power, often neglected, but with such profound lessons to teach. To contribute to your wholeness. To help you heal. So long as you are willing to connect to the parts of yourself that are hurting and listen to what they have to say. Some raw food literature suggests menstruation is the body’s way of detoxing, that if detoxed enough, menstruation will naturally cease. That amenorrhoea due to low weight is actually a sign of raw food and detox success. Our reproductive organs are powerful, dark, creative spaces. So often they are viewed negatively;…

  • Space to Grow…into JOY

    A few weeks ago a repairman stood in our drawing room, looked around and asked, “So, my love, when are you moving in?” I was shocked. We’ve lived here nearly 7 years. Looking back, I can see why he was confused. The floor was covered in cardboard boxes full of things to donate, sell or recycle. All our paintings were down from the walls, and we’d removed nearly all the furniture. All that remained was a table, two chairs, and an earthenware jug of sunflowers on the chimney piece. I loved it. A blank slate, a clear space to grow into. The story behind all this, of course, is much…