• Top 5 Mindfulness Meditation Challenges Transformed

    What’s your relationship with your mind in this moment? How does it feel in there right….now? In that moment of noticing, checking-in and reflecting, you are having a moment of mindfulness. Isn’t that amazing? (It may feel scary, your mind might feel like a difficult place, that’s hard but that’s ok, no judgement. I’m proud of you for noticing, naming, sharing that). What do you think about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation generally? Is it for you? Or is it just for Buddhist monks and people who do picturesque yoga on Instagram?

  • New Year, Your Way

    It’s a new year and everyone is making huge plans. There’s a new start, clean slate and another chance to get it right. What pressure! Social pressure encourages us to make big plans, live your biggest life, change the world, lean in, make it count. It can seem like everyone is planning amazing goals, but what if that’s not possible for you? I believe that we need kindness more than admonishment and pressure. (Click to Tweet!) Lasting, healing change happens organically to the schedule of your body, not when an artificially constructed calendar turns over. I’m refusing to pressure myself just because of a calendar invented hundreds of years ago…