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    9 Things to Smile About (No Matter What).

    1. Paws – Love lives with you now. So often we look outwards, it is wonderful to believe in all we can do and all we can be, but aspiration can be exhausting and if we don’t love anything in our lives now. Who is to say we will suddenly feel love when we get ‘there’, wherever ‘there’ is. Many of us have so much love in our lives already and I’m asking you to look at it and enjoy it now. Share something with your oldest friend, deepen what you have before expanding. And if you have an animal in our life then you may be blessed with their…

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    Illness Etiquette: Your Indispensable Guide to a Strange New World

    The first time it happened, I used to hate them for it. I really did, but I was 18 and hurting a great deal. Just because I look broken does not mean I am not like you. I feel, care, hurt and bleed too. Sometimes profusely and simultaneously. Later when it was the prayers, the laying on of the hands, the constant questions, the inquisitiveness, the over-zealous interest I felt exposed and betrayed. As thought my body, in failing to do what I wished, had opened me up for the world to see and to enquire about. I do not believe illness should be a taboo topic but I have a…

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    7 Ways to Rock Your Hospital Appointments.

    1. Get to the Mat If you have anxiety then take the chance to sit with it and shift the energy and your attitude. Yes it’s hard, yes, maybe you don’t want to, but wrangle your struggled on your mat or meditation cushion or do it in the waiting room when all your nerves come pouring out – it’s your choice.   But let’s be gentle, the day of your big appointment is not the day to begin a new and extended yoga class. Lean into your established practice. Sit on the mat and be with whatever comes up. Check out Marianne Elliot’s 30 Days of Yoga and join us…

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    We Are One!

    Yes, it’s true, GraceQuantock.com is one year old today! Thank you for being with me through this exciting, sweet and sensational year. This wouldn’t be here without you and I am so grateful for your support and this space where we can connect. If you know me, you know I cannot, cannot resist a party. (Come on, Linus and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, engagement anniversary, first meeting, first date, first kiss. I’m into celebrations and glitter!) And we are partying today! I’m even wearing a gorgeous vintage gown (black with swirling silver embroidery). Want to join the party? Read on, as your special invite (and special offer) are below!