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    Hiding in plain sight. How we cover and how we love our bodies.  How proud and happy are you with your body? Ill, or well, impaired or non-disabled? There are very few people who can say they are fully happy with their bodies. Otherwise, why would spanx just have made a million?  We hide in plain sight every day. In ‘slimming’ (invisible, stealthy, look away) black. In reducing the looks of our differences.    I adore these photographs. I pictured them in my mind before we ever shot them. But is it fair for me to shoot photographs of myself up like this, when out of sight of the camera…

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    How to join in, or behind the scenes at our photo-shoots. Now, as my mother reminds me, I am not a model. And you certainly don’t have to be to join in on From Waist Height & Wondering. You are so beautiful anyway.  :: Plan your favourite outfit. :: Get someone with a camera. Or give them your camera phone and brief instructions on which button to jab at.  :: Get situated and strike your pose. :: Tips – don’t pull your shoulders up, it’s a reflex but relax them. Practice first in the mirror to decide what to do with your mouth. It’s harder than it sounds. :: Or…

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    Practicalities or What We Learned from Painful Experience. :: Shorter skirts don’t work in powerchairs or scooters as when you go fast your skirt will fly up. Especailly if it is a windy day. So either longer skirts of leggings please.  :: Clothes with a wide waist band, like these fold over trousers are more comfortable than narrow waist bands which can dig in a lot. Also bear in mind the size your waist is when getting dressed in the AM may be different to the PM. Dress accordingly. :: If your feet will swell bear this in mind when you buy your shoes. Or pick shoes you can take on…

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    I can pass as normal. Sometimes.  When I’m sitting down. At least I think I can, you may disagree. It hasn’t always been like this. In old photos I look so different. I am still ill and some days I look it.  I don’t want to pass.  I want to dress in a way which suits me. I want to look a way I think looks good. Which is a little conservative and old-fashioned for style these days. And I know spring fashions and am still not convinced tangerine will do anything for me.  But where do we cross the line between feeling good, well turned out and empowered and…

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    You had a long article yesterday so you get a holiday today. Outfit: Maternity Jeans (don’t freak out, scroll down for explanation. It is wheelchair related only.) Komodo organic Soya T-Shirt Pin Curl Girls Bracelets Rock ‘n’ Rose Headband Shoes from Laura, one of our lovely Healing Boxes Board Members (thank you) Daffodils.  Spring time love and happy birthday to darling Linus. See you at the Sick Chick to Trail Blazer Conference, ladies.  Thank you to John Hobbs for the fab photos as always.