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    Tremendous Wisdom at TEDxCardiff

    It’s all because of Dyana really. Well perhaps it isn’t ALL her but shall we cite her as the instigator? She is an outlaw and an oracle after all.  Dyana Valentine (in case you haven’t heard, and if not, why not? Do keep up dear) spoke at TEDxOjaiWomen. She was amazing and she is not sorry. Watch her in glorious action.  So because of Dyana and her wonderfulness I really really wanted to go to TEDx. I mean really, really. No, more than that even. It’s just so exciting. The Morning Whipsters coached me into clarity; dressed up and ready. Intentions set, magic moving, wishes coming true and today Linus…

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    Healing Boxes is Now Open

    Healing Boxes is now open! Yes, we are, after all the working, supporting, help and miracles we are open. So if you want a gift for a loved one, want to support someone struggling with pain or illness then go over to and www.healing-boxes.com and get them a box of healing goodies! Healing Boxes C.I.C has opened today! The online-doors are open now to Healing Boxes, a non-profit sending boxes of support, information and healing goodies to those with chronic and serious illness.  Today we have a fabulous online launch party kicking off with over 50 attendees and extra special guests. We set up Healing Boxes with the support of friends…

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    Raconter les Histoires

    Well, it is all happening isn’t it?  I have finished this round of Morning Whip (and if you want to get whipped into action I suggest you dive in now, as this could be the last round for a while). I gained the momentum to launch Healing Boxes, and it is this Friday. Are you on the invitation list? Jump on now at www.healing-boxes.com So while all these excitements have been happening, what have we been up to? Darling, I thought you’d never ask – raconter les histoires! We have been to Abergavenny and it’s beautiful art shop.  I bought an oil pastel in red copper, can you imagine? They…

  • Healing Boxes Fabulous Launch Party

    Yes, Healing Boxes is about to go live! Friday 30th April, it is happening, honeys. Add your email to www.healing-boxes.com to get your personal party invitation and stay tuned for more details. Thank you for being part of this mavellous journey. It means the world to me, my gratitude to you. I mean that, truly.

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    Fantastical Fear and 30 Days of Courageous Zen.

    Today I got up close to fear, and was more scared of something not-life-and-death than I have been in a long time. I signed up for a press service and got some story requests I could contribute to.  So I pitched.  And I was scared. I mean really scared; anxious and sticky and can’t breathe scared.  What if people laughed at me? And thought “what SHE thinks she is good enough for my show? She hasn’t even got her book published yet, she lives out in the back of beyond, who does she think she is?” Voices in our heads are so mean sometimes aren’t they?  But I thought “So…