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We are proud to be curating an excellent section of radical resources for you to help support and fuel your Healing Journey.
I suppose you could say I’m just a librarian at heart. Combine that with chronic illness turned trailblazer attitude and that means I love reading and writing and that of course, needs an outlet.

So what?

So you get lots of free luscious wellness resources here, that’s what.

Free, free?

Really, truly free.

Take them, use them, share them and report your successes back to us.

Let’s begin…

‘Sick Chick’ Survival Guide

SurvivalIf you are struggling with life challenges, health crises, or chronic illness start here:

The Sick Chick’s Survival Guide [Extract]

How to cope practically and positively with pain and illness.



Trailblazing Live

30 DaysIf you want to make some life shifts and need a little support along the way:

Trailblazing Live – it’s a wellness practice project and I made it for you…

Maybe you are new to wellness and don’t have one little clue where to begin, you are reaching for a roadmap, wishing for a handbook and we can give you that here.

It could be that you are a wellness veteran and you have done it all and the wheatgrass.

But this is to support you along the way, whatever, it’s a practice-extract and I made it for you.

Trailblazers’ Wellness Handbook

WellnessLooking for tasty, healthy and luscious recipes?

Download the Trailblazers’ Wellness Handbook [Extract]

Yum, yum.



Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You

image_PP_PaulFed up of people saying, ‘So, what’s wrong with you?’ me too so I made a kit that helps you thrive in those sticky conversation situations.

Download your Pitch Perfect Beginners Action Kit now.

Purchase your full copy here.


Trailblazers’ Interviews

Interview PicExperts giving you their personal take on wellness and sharing their own Healing Journey stories? Yes, please…

Trailblazers’ Interviews


Be Your Own Adventure Story

Want information and action tips that will rock you and knock off your socks, all in 10 minutes?

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