• Let’s Be Business Owners That Take Health & Wellness Seriously

    Business can be beautiful, but sometimes it’s felt like I had 2 options: to be ‘successful’ or to practice self-care. It felt like it wasn’t an option to do both. Like the company that wanted to take my work all the way (across 5 continents) but only if I disregarded my health and wellness for their schedule. I said ‘no thank you’. Because if I’m not happy, if I’m not congruent and if I’m not me, then it’s not really a success, is it? This can happen on a large scale – the boss that says you’ll get the promotion if you ‘put in the hours’ or on a smaller scale,…

  • Wellness & Freelancing: 3 Ways to Make It Work

    You want to set your own schedule. You crave earning your living doing what you love.  You need to share your talents, to be of service to the world.  You desire a life that allows space for you, your needs, your self-care, your wellness. So you are considering freelancing, but with all the conflicting, (and all too often inflated) information online you are wondering if it’s possible for you. And if so, how? You will hear a lot about people saying going freelance is the best thing they ever did. But make no mistake about it, setting up on your own can be a tough challenge. You are your own…

  • Small Business Resilience: 5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Dark Times

    Like bodies, businesses have good days and hard(er) days. When things aren’t going your way, it’s tough to even find the motivation to climb out of bed in the morning. I get that. However, as a small business owner, you may be carrying a lot of responsibility. Staying in bed isn’t always an option (unless you run your business from your bed, as I have). Today, we’re going to focus on a few things you can do to stay motivated. Let’s take a look:

  • Working From Home? How To Cope Gracefully With Stress

    Working from home, particularly with your own business, can be liberating. It’s easy to feel like earning your independence and your own income is all peaches and cream, passive income and Paypal notifications. But it’s not always quite that smooth, so you need to prepare to deal with any difficulties that arise. Let’s set your business and life up so that you can continue to stay well, to stay motivated and to provide for yourself, yes? Making these provisions requires emotional and physical action and I’ve got 3 top tips for you to begin today:

  • Disabled & Dreaming of Self-Employment? I Wrote This For You

    Working for yourself, setting your own schedule, making your own rules and doing meaningful work you love – that’s the dream, right? It’s a beautiful thing, it’s my career path after all, and I love it, and love helping people to make the dream true for them in my upcoming entrepreneur-activation program The Phoenix Flight School. But for many people who live with a chronic illness or disability, the challenges of setting up a business can feel insurmountable.  But it doesn’t have to be that way! Going self-employed with a disability is a totally viable option and I’m here to help you out. Click To Tweet I’m not saying there won’t be challenges to…

  • How I Run Two International Businesses While Living With Chronic Illness

    Running your own business can be a huge challenge. Sometimes it feels like it’s a PhD in patience and confidence, just entering that arena. Running a business while living with chronic illness can seem like it requires a super-power. But many people are turning to entrepreneurship due to their health challenges. It has lots of positives; you can often work from home, set your own hours, take rests in between tasks and make a living doing what you love. However, adding the pressure of work to a life already struggling with pain and exhaustion can be a powder keg. I have been working while living with chronic illness for several years and…

  • Trailblazer Interview: KC Baker & Public Speaking Skills to Transform Your Self & World

    Previously an investment banking analyst and assistant for two US Senators, KC Baker is an international women’s thought leadership & public speaking skills trainer, speechwriter, and two-time TEDx speaker and is renowned for her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies. She believes that the key to positive transformation in our world lies in supporting women in unleashing the brilliance of their voices.

  • Stepping on Stage to Save Your Life: Behind the Scenes on my Speaking Path

    I have survived some things which I would not wish upon anyone. I didn’t invite them, didn’t expect them and didn’t want them but I did learn from them. I may carry scars but I carry hard-won wisdom too. If you are reading this, I know you have wisdom in you too, you may not feel it right now, but it’s there. I appreciate you and am glad you are in the world. Some of us are aware that we have survived or experienced something extraordinary and we want to share that with the world. (One would think that’s half the struggle; recognising your message, your mission and wanting to…

  • Trailblazer Interview: Brooke Snow & Digital Detox for Healing

    Brooke Snow delights in the pursuit of a meaningful life. To learn more about how to find true balance in your life check out everybranch.is Brooke lives in Northern Utah with her calm husband, adventurous 5 year old son and bouncy baby girl. I’m so excited to share her work with you, especially knowing that many of you are, like me, living with illness-related fatigue and information overwhelm.

  • Productivity and Pain: A Manifesto for our Humanity

    I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t a robot. Me neither. – CLICK TO TWEET I know it’s hard, I struggled too when I first realised. It wasn’t just the realisation but what it meant… You see, robots don’t need a lot of sleep, in fact, the more they work, the more they can keep on working, they don’t get less effective without rest.