Prepping Your Kitchen For Plant-Based Wellness

An effective, lightning quick program to get your cupboards clean, your plate full of goodness and your energy sustainably super-powered.

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Do you wish that the 3pm energy slump was just a distant memory?

You’ve seen all those Instagram green juice shots but how do you shift from your current diet to that of a wellness warrior?

Are You Feeling:

– Your energy can’t keep up with your to do list?

– You have hundreds of recipe books but always seem to eat the same few meals?

– Bored by your food but bamboozled by all the conflicting health advice online?

– Overwhelmed by everything you should be doing, with no idea where to start?

– Puzzled as to why pizza keeps sneaking into your shopping basket?

– Bloated, stressed and dreaming of fitting into your dress without Spanx?

– Like you should be eating kale, but don’t like the taste and have no idea what to do with it?

Do You Want To:

– Deepen your understanding of your body and food?

– Encourage even moods and happy smiles?

– Feel satisfied?

– Be free around food?

– Feed your body sustainably?

– Feel your body shift to it’s healthiest weight?

– Look and feel like a million dollars (without spending a million)?

– Love your happy stomach (and your luscious meals)?

– Feel like your kitchen is the altar and your plate is the offering?

– Enjoy clear skin and happy hormones?

– Have a clean kitchen that’s a joy to use?

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I designed Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant Based Wellness for people who are struggling with their meal preparation, energy and day to day lives because of what’s in the kitchen and on their plate.

If you are ready to end this frustration (and fit into your clothes comfortably) then this program is for you.

This is not “just” a book, rather it’s a live, personal one on one consultation with me as your international wellness expert and a lightning quick and effective book+course+worksheets+tips all rolled up into one handy product.

Your session with me gives an opportunity to uncover your food challenges and the fully illustrated and printable 26 page digital e-guide you’ll receive leads you through a paced wellness program to a clear kitchen and happy plate.

Prepping Your Kitchen For Plant Based Wellness Guide is a live consultation with me via Skype and includes a PDF file you can download and take with you in any form you like: printed, on your tablet, laptop, or smart phone.

All the fields are editable so use it online or print it then scribble in your answers, old school – the choice is yours.

You’ll Get The Benefit Of:

– My 27 years experience on a plant based diet.

– The 10 years experience living high raw successfully in a temperate climate.

– A further 6 years of living alkaline and gluten free.

– And 8 years of coaching people to shift their diets and their lives.

Normally these coaching exercises and nutritional info would be $150, but it’s in downloadable form for just $22/£15 for you today.

We Will:

– Get clear on your relationship with the foods you keep holding on to.

– Understand why you make the food choices you do (making it easier to change them).

– Learn the non-optimum foods for you, and what to replace those with (create a go-to healthy snack list).

– Learn how to clear your kitchen and what to fill it with (with handy printable shopping sheets).

– Learn tips and tricks to eating well on a budget.

– Get a printable meal planning worksheet.

– Get all the info you need to eat well sustainably.

– Get ideas and actions for the food savvy – taking your wellness to the next level (suitable for beginner or seasoned wellness warrior).

Printable Charts to Optimise Your Kitchen Action

Inner pages from Grace Quantock's Plant Based Wellness

Non-Optimum Foods – we get back to basics by clearing out all the foods holding you back. It’s a comprehensive list inviting you to explore what doesn’t deserve space in your gorgeous body and what you can replace it with.

inner pages from Plant Based Wellness by Grace Quantock

Meal Planning Worksheet – who wants to be staring at the fridge at 7pm wondering what to eat every night? Not this Trail Blazer! With my meal planning sheet eating becomes smooth and easy. Save time and money by planning delicious creations with this simple printable worksheet.

Results from past participants include:

– Feeling at home in one’s skin.

– Detoxing the kitchen and finding money flows into the bank account.

– Getting children involved in the clearing cupboards game and teaching them wellness.

– Supporting post-eating disorder healing.

– Dropping 3 dress sizes and finding movement so much easier.


“Grace Quantock is a brilliant new voice in the world of wellness. Keep your eye on this trailblazer – her life-changing work is driven by a magnetic healing energy and an endless compassion for all beings.”

Kris Carr, New York Times best selling author

“As a raw food revolutionary, best selling author and the world’s first raw TV presenter I have devoted many years to health and wellness and I believe strongly in our personal power to revolutionise our health and lives…Grace Quantock is a new voice, a wellness pioneer. I believe in her and her message.”

Shazzie, best-selling author and raw TV presenter

Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant Based Wellness will help you love your body and your food choices. If you want to stop feeling guilty and sick, overeating and feeling like you ‘should’ be doing more but not knowing where to start, let’s start here!


Health Expert Laurie ErdmanGrace’s new offering is spectacular. So many books in this genre make you feel bad about eating meat or junk food. Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant Based Wellness is empowering and makes you want to eat better, take care of yourself and have fun in the kitchen. The thing I like best is the recipes are simple and delicious. It’s also beautifully laid out and easy to use. Get your copy now.”

Laurie Erdman, Get More Energy Strategist | Tamer of Burnout | Igniter of Lives | Fueling Growth And Jobs By Energizing People | Huffington Post and eFactor blogger

Erika Lyremark Black Dress“Running a successful business, I need the best fuel available and that’s why eating a healthy diet is so important to me. Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant Based Wellness is an essential guide, it won’t just clear out your kitchen, it transforms your world. It’s too easy to get lost in all the health (mis)information floating around the internet, avoid that and start here. I love action and results, so I turn to Grace Quantock for her stalwart healing words – and now you can too.”

Erika Lyremark, Founder of Lyremark Business DesignBiz, sales & marketing coach | Ex-Stripper and Bestselling author

Lindsey Tibesar imageGrace’s e-book is like being spoon-fed that delicious, juicy, green drink you’re craving in the morning, but too lazy to make for yourself.  I’ve dabbled with plant based and raw food eating in the past, but never had a compass to guide me through the process.  She takes the guess work out of preparing and planning your food adventures, as well as lovingly guides you through the transformational process of how we can use food to heal our bodies.  This is a gift for your mind, body & soul!”

Lindsey TibesarPrenatal Yoga Teacher, Passionate Entrepreneur, Marathon Runner. 


“I love this book! I’ll be sending my clients to get a copy. I wish I’d had a copy of this 30 years ago when I got into real food!”

– Jacqueline Fairbrass, RRPr
Holistic Health & Wellness Expert & Founder, Feeling Absolutely Fabulous LLC

Hannah Braime, author, Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant-Based Wellness is a fabulous book, packed with everything you’ll need to get started on a plant-based diet. As soon as I opened up the book, I was totally impressed by the number of interactive journal exercises, practical tips, and recommendations, and I can’t wait to try out some of the delicious-looking recipes.

One of my favourite things about this book is that Grace shows how to eat healthy food without having to spend hours preparing and cooking. If you’ve been thinking about experimenting with a plant-based lifestyle, this guide will save you a lot of time and guesswork by providing everything you need to get started.” 

Hannah BraimeFounder of Becoming Who You Are, self-relationship coach, and author.

Mara Glatzel - in park, holding coffeeGrace Quantock’s Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant-Based Wellness is a powerful resource for people who are ready to feel empowered and invested in taking radical self-responsibility for their health and wellness.
Jam packed with brilliant information and lovingly-crafted prompts, this beautifully-designed guide will transform your relationship with food  and cultivate a feeling of alignment and ease as you navigate your kitchen.
– Mara Glatzel, Life Coach + Business Mentor at

katie manning, hat, blue skyPrepping your Kitchen for Plant-Based Wellness is an incredible resource that takes a lot of the fuss and worry out of starting to change your diet for the better. This is the ultimate guide to creating lasting change in your diet.

Grace’s tips, recipes, dietary advice and checklists are so clear and straight-forward, and of course, this e-book just oozes with Grace’s gorgeous energy and passion.

I can’t recommend this highly enough.

– Katie Manning, Mentor + Founder of Conquering Fear Spiritually

P.S  You deserve abundant energy and ease. I believe in you and your possibilities. I want to help you take on the world and feel great doing it. I’ll be honest, I’ve created this program for just that purpose.

If you have any questions, just ask grace AT and we’ll clear up the confusion.

My recommendation is for you to conduct your own personal experiment, try Plant Based Wellness and see. When you feel the difference in your mood and energy I promise you won’t go back!

 A live one on one consultation with Grace Quantock to answer all your questions and find ways to manage your wellness challenges and a fully illustrated and printable 26 page digital e-guide that leads you through a paced wellness program to a clear kitchen and happy plate.