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Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant Based Wellness Promo

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“Plant based food helps my body repair+heal. It’s #alkaline + facilitates #painreduction + #healing.” Read more bit.ly/plantbased

“It’s our job to give our bodies the best possible environment to heal” @Grace_Quantock from her new e-guide bit.ly/plantbased

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“I’ve experienced the unbelievable highs of a successful detox powered by dehydrating, juices and salad – and the profound doldrums (“is this all?”), while standing, uninspired, at the open refrigerator.” – @Grace_Quantock

Grace has been there, done it and got the dehydrator, now she’s sharing her plant-based wellness success tips with you in her new e-guide bit.ly/plantbased

“Our bodies are working to heal. 24/7 they are pressing onward toward this goal on our behalf. It’s our job to give our bodies the best possible environment to do so, to remove the things that are impeding this process and add in what we can to accentuate and accelerate – it”. Read more in wellness warrior and healing trail blazer, Grace Quantock’s new e-guide bit.ly/plantbased

How do we make plant based, high-raw alkaline food practical, possible and delicious?

For people with ongoing health challenges, who are time-strained, have children, or are caring for others every day?

How can the plant based lifestyle be broken down into daily tasks, so we can practice and love it long term?

It’s all here in @Grace_Quantock ‘s new e-guide bit.ly/plantbased


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Plant Based Wellness on iPhoneGrace Quantock's Plant Based Wellness Ebook Image


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