• let's find your wild phoenix feathers

    Phoenix Fire Academy Self-Study is Open

    Dear one, I have a special invitation for you… This is a love letter.  To you who’s been diagnosed. Has struggled with long standing illness.  Whose obstacles are dictating your limits, and whose true and purest potential has been hemmed in.  This is an invitation.  To you, whose old life has been burned away by adversity. You, who has a fire smouldering at your centre. A hunger for a new way.  A new beginning.  To take your diagnoses and hardships and turn them into something else.  Something different. Something abundant.  Something better.  This is that opportunity. A turning point.  Disability doesn’t mean isolation and fear. Diagnosis doesn’t mean the end of joy, fun, ease…

  • Poster for Journalling Workshop

    Winter Fuel: Creative Therapeutic Writing & Journaling to Resource Ourselves

    Do you struggle with the darker months? Maybe you find winter a challenging time and are already dreading the shortening days. We are gathering a group of women and femmes to come together and explore what we are taking with us into winter. We will work with myths, legends, creative therapeutic writing and journaling. Using creative arts, writing, mindful movement and guided reflections, we will explore your harvest that you are carrying into winter. We will share resources that you can use in the darker days and draw on the solace and support of our gathering). If you are wanting to approach the winter from a new, healing perspective, come…

  • Diagnosis and Identity Part 2

    Diagnosis + Identity – Part 2

    We are told it is ‘our’ problem, that ‘we’ are the broken ones, the ones that have to be cared for by non-disabled people or expensive equipment. We have to ‘prove’ that we are ‘sick or disabled’ enough, to be able to access our basic needs (this often doesn’t take into account our pain or suffering, only to what extent the impairments render us economically inactive.) If we can’t produce, then we are considered a ‘burden’ – with historic invalidity allowances. What does that mean? Invalid, without validity? But we are valid, and the system is broken, not us.  In the US today, people are being denied opiates. Pain is…

  • diagnosis and identity image of red moon and brown/white feather against woods

    Diagnosis & Identity – Part 1

    Content Warning: Mention of abuse, hospital, mental health inpatient abuse, including conversion therapy, LGBTIAQ+ abuse, racism and BIPOC/BAME abuse. A diagnosis is the moment that breaks the timeline. Before becomes…before. Now we are firmly in ‘after’ and what’s before us here might be beyond what we could ever have imagined, ‘before’. Diagnoses can save, change and split lives. A diagnosis can become one of the most significant ways in which we identify ourselves. Often, in medical environment and interactions, a diagnosis can feel like the only aspects of us to which attention is paid. 

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    Starting Therapy: Finding a Therapist, How it Works, First Session & Beyond 

    First time in therapy? If you haven’t worked with a therapist before, but are considering booking your first session, (or just feel you need some support and are checking out what might be available); you probably have a lot of questions. The entire process of finding and beginning therapeutic work can feel really intimidating and weird.  You might be wondering: – Do we just talk on the phone? – How is this different to talking to my best friend? – Can I even say some of my struggles out loud? What if you judge me? I’ve been there both as a client, as a coach and psychotherapeutic counsellor (in advance…

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    Embracing Ourselves, One Pen Stroke At a Time

    Words can witness, contain and heal, name and validate our wounds and our strengths. It’s easier to create a life and explore our new selves in a safe space and truly, therapy is only 1-2 hours a week. A journal is always available, there are no office hours. Journalling can compliment your therapeutic or healing journey. Many of us are always feeling out of place in our lives, constantly dislocated, never feeling real or really here. It’s like you are always viewing yourself through the eyes of others; partner, children, friends, neighbours, parents, colleagues. Life is lived as though seeing yourself in a photograph, flattened, frozen and held at arm’s…

  • daffodils

    Gratitude & Grace List: Spring Quickening Edition 

    Inspired by my dear friend Gala Darling, I’m taking my love lists out of my (hot pink) journal and sharing them with you. Spring feels like it’s on its way and I am glad, glad, glad. I am working on my diploma submissions, seeing clients and writing, writing writing. Utterly grateful for all of these things. Here are some more things I’m grateful for: Little Things I Love: Seeing the buds start to come on the trees * Seeing bulbs coming up * Purple and yellow crocus, like the Flower Faeries * Snowdrops * Anemonies in all the cool blues and purples – my favourites * The wheels on my wheelchair being…

  • Asali undaunted heart podcast

    The Undaunted Heart Podcast #28: Asali & Self-Care as System Disruption

    The Undaunted Heart Podcast: gives a platform to wellness rebels and sacred revolutionaries on the margins to share their medicine and magic directly with you, wherever you are in the world, or on your life’s journey (previously named Trailblazer Interviews). Asali is a Black queer femme community healer and earthworker creating at Asali Earthwork. Her healing work is rooted in using self-care as a means to disrupt systems of oppression and prioritize care for her community. I have been deeply lucky to have had several amazing tarot readings from her and have been following her work and reading her insightful, brilliant blog and accessible, practical and magical card spreads for some time. So I am…

  • self care sunday

    Self-Care Sunday: Small Tools & Self-Compassion

    [Self-Care Sunday Series: wellness experts worldwide are sharing their self-care expertise, practices, routines and personal stories.Today’s post is by founder, Grace Quantock] When I was in high school, I loved the film ‘Clueless‘ – of course, I did.  (I also love the book ‘Emma’ that it’s based on. The lesson about not interfereing for perfection…that took me a little longer to absorb. I am still working on it). Why did I love Clueless so much? Beyond the obvious – ease, style, knee socks and kilt skirts, dreamy girlfriends and a computer that picked your outfits  N.B: The computer that picks your outfits actually exists now! It’s an app called StyleBook…

  • Photo of 3 candles in jars on a tray, text above: Turning your journal into an altar- a how-to guide

    Turning Your Journal Into an Altar: a How-To Guide

    In difficult days, self-care can feel like a luxury that we cannot afford, delicious journals or artful altars can feel ever-so-far away. But it doesn’t have to be this way. And painful times are when we most need compassion. I believe self-care is a way of including ourselves in our compassion (credit: Karuna training) My favourite self-care activities are non-aspirational, they are in the moment, accessible for those of us on the front lines, those fighting to help or suffering at the sharp points of this world. A challenge for many of us is making self-care accessible. I don’t know about you, but I have spent far, far too long scrolling…