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The Undaunted Heart Podcast #27: Andréa Ranaea & Coaching as Activism

The Undaunted Heart Podcast: gives a platform to wellness rebels and sacred revolutionaries on the margins to share their medicine and magic directly with you, wherever you are in the world, or on your life’s journey (previously named Trailblazer Interviews).

Andrea is a coach, facilitator and writer. She’s the creatrix of Coaching as Activism and her work is rooted in love, justice, grief, rage and a vision for liberation. You can explore her work further on http://www.andrearanae.com

In this podcast, we talk about: 

  • The split between healing work and social analysis/awareness.
  • Divergence in activism, focussing on the urgency of people’s lives, not being able to focus on inner work.
  • Her Coaching as Activism work
  • Reclaiming humanity as an alternative to treating the symptoms which is proffered in wellness (and beyond) as a common strategy for change making.
  • And lots more…

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Transcript: I am currently seeking support on Patreon to enable me to offer The Undaunted Heart Podcast as an inclusive offering. At my second goal, I can commit to a 2019 season of The Undaunted Heart Podcast as a bi-monthly release.

My goal is to produce free transcripts so the podcast is accessible to d/Deaf and hearing impaired folx and those who can’t access audio for impairment or environmental reasons. The Undaunted Heart Podcast is one of my favourite parts of my business and I can’t wait to make more and make them accessible for all.

What’s your favourite takeaway from this interview? Let me know in the comments! 

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Fireworks spelling out 2019 against a black background. Text: Dear Grace Q & A: How do I cope with new year pressure?

Hello 2019! New year, new you, right? Living your best life! #YOLO #blessed

Except, maybe not. And if not, what then? I hear you on this question, let’s look deeper…

A few months ago, I went to the stationers in a small market town where I see clients to buy a new journal (I chose turquoise and rose marbled paper cover, lined paper, gold gilded pages, if you were wondering) 

It was then I first felt The 2019 Pressure™. 

I saw a rack of gorgeously glittery, pretty, pink-teal-rose-gold notebooks and my excitement grew. Here, I would find a journal for me. But no, as I came closer I saw that all the notebooks had slogans on the covers, things like,

“Make 2019 the BEST”

“Go BIGGER in 2019” 

“Best Year EVER”

They weren’t blank journals but diaries and they weren’t simply diaries but continued exhortations to live harder, bigger, faster, better. To achieve more, do more, see more, buy more, be more, more, more. 

Quite frankly, I don’t need my diary to tell me off every time I pick it up.

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What to do when you are sick at home. Pink text on a mint green square, over a photo of a person's feet, sticking out of a ruffled pink duvet on a bed.

Wondering what to do when you are sick at home? I hear you!

Illness can be devastating, scary and painful. But it can also be depressing, boring and serious. When you are very ill it’s easy to get into the habit of thinking medically and forgetting about the fun, human things that make life bright.

– Can you ask a visitor bring some nail varnish into the hospital, and give you a pretty pedicure?

– How about getting a new, exciting book and reading it aloud, or listening to the audio version?

– Maybe watching your favourite childhood films again would be a fun distraction?

– Or ordering a guide on coping well when you are sick and stuck in bed.

Beyond the Boundaries

If you’re here because you are stuck in bed or at home (short or long term) and wondering how to cope, you aren’t alone…

If you’re stuck in bed and bored,

If you feel lonely, sad and left out,

If struggling with self-care (or lack of it) drains your energy and leads to spiralling self-criticism or shame,

…then Beyond the Boundaries: Finding Freedom & Fulfilment Within Four Walls. Self-Care Edition is for you.

Buy it now!

When you live beyond the boundaries, you see your bed as a launch pad for living your life.

When you live beyond the boundaries, you learn to transcend your limits in everyday life.

When you live beyond the boundaries, you don’t have to wait until things are perfect to be happy.

You aren’t broken, you’re breaking boundaries.

Inside this ebook is empowerment, inclusion and accessible coping tools.

Beyond the Boundaries: Finding Freedom & Fulfilment Within Four Walls. Self-Care Edition is delivered as an audio book and a PDF. You can read it or lie back and listen to me read to you.

Check it out:

Read a sample:

BTB Sample Copyright 2017 Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness Ltd. All rights reserved.

“I have taken on certain online courses or programs that are very cumulative, time-sensitive, or otherwise not the sort of thing that can be easily left & then later returned to. I like with Beyond the Boundaries that it’s easier to do this! I’m currently re-listening to some of the audiobook chapters. It’s nice for fuzzy brain fog brains to be able to return to these things after breaks.” – chase – Victoria, BC, Canada  

What you’ll get:

– A downloadable ebook and audio version. In total, over 30,000 words of wellness support, inclusion and action!

– A list of 500 Things to Do When You are Bed Bound and Bored (if you liked my viral blog 49 Things To Do When Bed Bound and Bored, you’ll LOVE this!)

– Exclusive Beyond the Boundaries manifesto to super-charge your intention.

– Special bonus resources including:

An interview with Vivienne McMaster, founder of Be Your Own Beloved: exploring self-compassion through self-portraiture. We talk about ways to make this accessible to people who are bed bound or house bound and how working with our image supports healing.

An interview with Huffington Post blogger Heidi McKenzie, founder of Alter Ur Ego wheelchair fashion company on how style can transform perceptions, conversations and connections, her experience as Ms Wheelchair Kentucky and creating an adaptable style solution/revolution.

You’ll also get exclusive printable posters of all your favourite fun things to do from bed to brighten your walls.

Get your copy here

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Photo by Tracey Hocking on Unsplash

Trail Blazing Times and How To Turn Trail Blazer E-Book

Soft focus photograph of tree with pine cones and snow on branches

Inspired by my dear friend Gala Darling, I’m taking my love lists out of my (metallic hot pink) journal and sharing them with you.

Little Things I Love:

The scent of pine and pomanders decorating the house * Embroidery – I went to an event on women, art and social change and left with plans, ideas and a radical embroidery practice * Listening to Classic FM and all the festive music * Learning Jingle Bells on my harp * The poems of Horace, in Latin and in translation on my bedside table* Raspberry vegan hot chocolate * My gorgeous new turquoise Filofax – a bigger size, I’m practising taking up – and giving myself – space * My new Passion Planner * Xandra’s Passion Planner resources * Stationary in general, fuelled by Danielle and Pretty By Post * Related: learning hand lettering * Also related: lovely cards coming through the post for the festive season * Working with the dogs curled up next to me * These thermal leggings which I am loving and living in  * N.B: I thought M & S were one of the more ethical options on the high street – I haven’t yet found ethical thermal leggings, but I am reconsidering them as a shopping choice. * Sharing and connecting in the Trailblazers’ Cafe *

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Trail Blazing Times and How To Turn Trail Blazer E-Book

Sometimes sharing is scary. For many of us, if we are living with challenges or pain, our very voices can feel forfeit. If we are also an entrepreneur, sharing online can be something we very much need to do. But how to reconcile these tensions?

To manage the anxiety, I love to work with systems. I love systems, they can hold what needs to be held so I can focus on what’s really important to me; creation and connection.

I actually have flow charts for my businesses, yes, really. In coloured sharpie, with boxes and colour coding.

If http://Healing-Boxes.com gets press coverage, you bet I have a system to cover that. There’s lots to do you know…thanking the editor, sharing the press coverage, updating the press pack and other things… Well, I may not have them in mind right this second, but that’s why I need a system to hold them all.

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Trail Blazing Times and How To Turn Trail Blazer E-Book