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  • Grace Quantock

    Dear Mary,
    Thanks for sharing your story and for reading. I’m glad you are finding something of use in my work. If you’d like to interview me, please contact me via my Press page and we can book a time to speak:
    All my best wishes, Grace

  • Grace Quantock

    Thanks for your reply, sorry I missed your message here. Sending all my best wishes and am happy to speak if that’s of use to see what might be the best fit. Feel free to email me and sending all my best wishes.

  • Esmeralda Kinney

    I couldn’t,t get your link to join the Phoenix Fire Academy but will happily phone you to ask about ‘me’ being suitable for your help.

    My life ihas changed dramatically and is growing smaller and smaller and however hard I try I get ‘defeated’’…..and wonder where how or if I can find resilience

    Thanks. Esmeralda

  • Mary Blake

    Dearest Grace ~ I’m very grateful to have read your work in regard to wellness and diangnosis (it is a breath of fresh air to hear your perspective a confusing world during a time of great needed changes)! I am entering my second Saturn Return and feel a special purpose with regard to our earths resources as well as social inclusion (I currently practice privately from a functional home studio using nature with the art of sacred play) I would like to gain perspective from you about the way we can best assist others who are living a life of social disempowerment without supports (I am practicing small steps towards wholeness in connection by listening as well as forgiveness with unconditional love) I believe by honoring our earth’s natural cycles without creating top down false (privileged) supports through charity is a huge endeavor and I suspect unsustainable without large groups of people working together for change in existing social supports to re connect our lives) I feel deeply sad (guilty) I am giving myself time for deep reflection as I chose how I contribute to growth!


    How does my soul’s expression begin creating awareness for these BIG issues?

    How can I change my work to support new paradigms while working with the old?

    What does this look like working with like minded change makers in collaboration?

    I appreciate your time and consideration in advance (Blessings on your day) Yours ~ Mary

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